Parrot Sound System is a Bluetooth wireless Hi-Fi digital speakers system. With Parrot Sound System, music from MP3 player, mobile phone, PC, PDA or any other Bluetooth devices can be streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth to Parrot speakers, without the need of any cable. Parrot Sound System speaker contains a built-in digital two-channel Class-D amplifier with a 60W output, and both speakers are linked together by Bluetooth. Parrot Sound System features RCA line-in input for non-Bluetooth audio sources such as CD players, radio tuners, stereo systems and older computers. Parrot also features Parrot 5 processor which has built-in MP3 and SBC decoder supporting the MP3 data rates from 112 to 192 Kbps and SBC data rates from 150 to 320 Kbps.

Parrot Sound System

Tech Digest reviews Parrot Sound System and concludes that “I love the idea of wireless speakers – the reason I don’t have an overly complicated home stereo set up is because I’m fed up with the rats nest of wires I always seem to acquire every time I move house. The only detraction from these in the number of devices that actually work with these speakers. However, this is changing constantly as more and more manufacturers recognize the benefit, so buying these now will probably see them growing in use over the next year or so.”