particleIllusion 3.0 is a particle effects application from wondertouch, a company that provides particle effects solutions for the visual effects and motion graphics industries. particleIllusion allows users to quickly and easily create amazing effects such as explosions, smoke, fire, sparkles, motion graphics backgrounds, space effects, creatures, and abstract artistic effects to images, animation, or video. particleIllusin 3.0 features easy to use user interface, usage of OpenGL for real-time (or near real-time) previews rendering, Super Emitters feature, over 1500 out of the box particle emitters (“effects”) in the library, and supports all video applications.

DVguru (dead link) reviews particleIllusion 3.0 and concludes that “the software is pretty strong, but with some glaring omissions. The low footprint makes it ideal for motion graphic artists without a killer system, but the higher budgetary footprint probably puts it out of reach of those users. The effects are simple to create, and with such a broad library the $400 pricetag doesn’t seem as daunting, especially if you use the software to create a variety of backgrounds. Like I said though, I’ll be eagerly anticipating the After Effects plugin version of this software, but it’d be hard for me to purchase it right now. Regardless of your system or budget, head to Wondertouch’s site and grab the free demo.”