Global Positioning System (GPS) is useful especially in helping users to navigate routes to your destination and know where are you located at the moment. iGo from PDAmill, Mapopolis and TomTom Navigator is GPS navigation solutions for Windows Mobile devices aka Pocket PC PDA. All there GPS personal navigation system features route options of shortest time or distance, voice prompts, POI display on/off, night mode, screen backlight always on, and auto zoom and rotate.

BrightHand reviews and compares iGo, Mapopolis and TomTom Navigator with iPAQ 4350 with 1 GB SD card and Emtac Bluetooth GPS module inside a 96 Saturn SL and concluded that “all three applications worked and should be adequate for most people. At this time my recommendation would be TomTom, but keep a close eye on iGo when it is released. TomTom was very reliable and accurate, and the extras like weather and traffic put it over the top. The 3D view with zoom was very easy to read, and the options for routing were very comprehensive. Mapopolis is slightly cheaper, and may work better on older devices with less memory. Also, a new version of Mapopolis is due later this year which will address both itinerary planning, and 3D maps.

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