Slide is a free online photo sharing and photo album service that allows you to upload unlimited photos and images and allows the pictures to be access with unlimited bandwidth. But Slide is not just a typical photo hosting service. Slide is a is a free service for groups to discover, share, and talk about photos together with main feature of allowing groups and individual members to organize the photos and images into topical constantly rotating slideshows. Thus, Slide augment photo services like Flickr or online group sites like MySpace, Google’s Orkut, Xanga and Friendster by providing group members the ability to collaboratively create photo Slide Shows together that they can all watch and talk about simultaneously.


Slide also provides a desktop photo-indexing software that indexes and groups all the photos on the user’s hard drive into channels and allows users to upload photos to by simply adding photos to the application. The Slide desktop software also allows users to instantly create slide shows on desktop PC and playbacks and displays the slideshows in screen saver or Slide Bar mode which is a scrolling filmstrip on the edge of the screen. The Slide desktop player will delivers notifications about new MySpace comments, bulletins, and more too.

With the Slide’s player, users can invite friends and family to subscribe to their channels so that they can see your photos on their own desktop, and receive e-mail alert each time you drag and drop in a new pic. This feature allows business and e-commerce sites or online stores to showcase their product catelogs and RSS feeds of photos in public channels to the Slide’s community. The slide show can be customized with styles, caption text and links to the product’s or image’s page or the online stores when clicked, and it also supports many rich media types, such as video, music, and others, including ability to play Youtube videos. The slide shows created can be embedded into any website that supports JavaScript and/or Flash animation (i.e. Blogger and WordPress) and also social networking websites’ profile (i.e. MySpace, Hi5, Piczo, Frappr, Friendster, Xanga, Multiply, Nextcat and Tagworld).

Other than upload the photos and pictures directly from your local drive, allows you to get photos from your Photobucket or MySpace account, or upload photos directly from an image URL. Thus there is no need to re-upload the photos again to has added new features constantly. Now visitors can comment about the slide show or any particular picture. Slideshows on or those added to MySpace, Xanga and others now also allows to receive ‘love’ Compliment Bubble from someone when they’re looking at Slide Show. They can even download your slide show and set as their screen saver.

Create your photos slide shows for MySpace, Xanga, Friendster and other websites at (Slide was acquired by Google on August 4, 2010 and shut down on March 6, 2012).