Google has launched an addicting game Google Image Labeler as a feature of Google Image Search. With Google Image Labeler, Google hopes to improve the quality of Google’s image search results by allowing players to label random images indexed by its search engine, and thus build a database of knowledge about the contents of the images.

Google Image Labeler

In the Google Image Labeler game (, each player will play against another randomly selected player. The both players are shown same image from a set of image within a 90-second period, where they have to respond with as many descriptive labels or keywords or phrases for the image shown, until labels provided by both players matched on the same word or term, where points will be awarded to both players. When the label matches your partner’s label, both players will move on to the next image until time runs out. The players also can opt to pass the image, if they feel that it’s impossible to have a same opinion on the image.

During the game, you will be shown how many labels your partner has suggested, and also how many points or scores you’ve earned. After then 90-second game, players can can explore the images that been shown and the websites where those images were found. And you can restart the game by re-join and re-pair to another random player waiting in the queue. And of course, there are top ranking based on Today’s Top Pairs and All-time Top Contributors.

No registration required to play Google Image Labeler, however, with Google Accounts, players can keep track of their own points. By playing this game, you would expect to improve your English spelling, beside learn more vocabulary.

Note: Google Image Labeler has been discontinued since 2011.