ppStream comes with a configuration file named setting.ini at the installation folder. It’s possible to tweak the connection limit settings in the configuration file to achieve optimum bandwidth speed for best viewing experience. It’s a good answer to solve some problem when viewing channel with ppStream such as streaming lagging, frequent disconnection, slow buffering etc.

The newer version of ppSteream has integrated the configuration into the program’s menu.

The available configuration settings are as below:

remotepeerlimit = 41
localpeerlimit = 35
totalpeerlimit = 51
simulconnectingpeer = 30

The value of above is the default setting. All of the settings are quite self-explanatory as its name. You may not see the above lines in setting.ini configuration file. If it’s not in the setting.ini, add it in.

It’s hard to determine the best setting for all as each user’s computer and network configuration is different. So the best way is to try it out yourself and determine for yourself. I set all my 4 settings to 100, and able to achieve a very smooth streaming and almost without disconnection.

Some people has even set the limit to even higher than 100. But note that it’s not almost works. As currently ppStream has no ability to limit upload bandwidth speed, if you set connection limit too high, it’s good to have a lot of source peer to download. But remember that your workstation is a peer too that will upload to other peers. If upload takes up too much bandwidth, it will adversely affect the download speed, especially on ADSL broadband.

Note: TCP connection limit of Microsoft Windows XP SP2 must be altered to higher value in order for this tweak to work properly.