LostGoogles (previously known as MoreGoogle, changed at the request of Google) is small and tiny add-on plug-in for Internet Explorer 5.0 or above (not workable in Mozilla Firefox). LostGoogles enhances Google search results page by integrating several information about the websites in Google search results and changes the way search results are presented.

From LostGoogles website, the features of LostGoogles include:

  • See page preview thumbnails on your Google results
  • “Open in New Window” button – lets you do just that
  • Not a Toolbar, saves screen real estate
  • See Live Amazon.com product information
  • Get accurate site access statistics
  • Retrieve older versions of a web site
  • Find more related web sites
  • It’s free (as in “free beer” and “no spyware”)


What LostGoogles does is when you search with Google, LostGoogles will retrieves the thumbnail images and traffic information of the websites that return in the search result from Alexa Internet, and displays it on the search results listing. If you click on the thumbnail image on the Google search result page, the link will open in the new window automatically.

Beside, if the Google search result is a link to Amazon.com product page, LostGoogles will retrieve and display the image of the product instead of Amazon.com site thumbnail, media type (such as Hardcover, Paperback, Audio CD, DVD, Computer Game, etc), current Amazon.com price, prices of used and new items from Third-Party merchants and customer rating information. One important note is LostGoogles’ author Amazon Associates ID will be added to the link to Amazon. So whenever you purchase anything from Amazon by clicking on Amazon links on Google search results pages with LostGoogles installed, the author will earn commission from Amazon.

Enhance and expand Google with LostGoogles (no longer available).