ProGin SBT-268 GPS Receiver is a SiRF3 Bluetooth GPS receiver features wireless Bluetooth radio module, built-in rechargeable battery and low consumption SiRF star III chipset. ProGin SBT-268 GPS receiver is also a dual-function GPS receiver that not only transmits the satellite information through mobile phone, PDA or Notebook with Bluetooth interface but also is a G-Mouse receiver through a data cable to deliver satellite signal to the device without Bluetooth interface.

ProGin SBT-268 GPS Receiver

MTekk reviewed ProGin SBT-268 Bluetooth GPS Receiver by using it with Tomtom Mobile 5 on my Nokia 6600 and concluded that “the most impressive things ProGin SBT-268 left me are the free USB data cable in the box and one year swap warranty policy. If the unit become faulty within one year, the manufacturer promises to swap a new one for the customer. And one last thing is the reasonable price, AUD $130 only.”

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