More than one year after Windows Vista been officially launched and released, everybody including me is probably assuming that most of the program incompatibility issues have been addressed and solved. And any issues or problems should be addressed by the first service pack for Windows Vista – SP1. Alas, installing Windows Vista SP1 is now reported to be able to cause some programs to stop working, no longer runs and loss of functionality.

Microsoft publishes a whole (but guaranteed to be not yet comprehensive) list of programs that have been reported to experience a loss of functionality when they are installed on a Windows Vista SP1-based computer in KB935796 knowledge based article. And users affected are requested to visit manufacturers’ websites or contact the developers for solutions and workarounds. Luckily, newer supported versions of software is available for most of the apps listed.

Here’s the list of software programs that have problems on Windows Vista SP1.

Programs that are blocked from starting after you install Windows Vista SP1

BitDefender AV or Internet Security version 10
Fujitsu Shock Sensor version
Jiangmin KV Antivirus version 10
Jiangmin KV Antivirus version 2008
Trend Micro Internet Security version 2008
Zone Alarm Security Suite version 7.1

Programs that do not run after you install Windows Vista SP1

Iron Speed Designer version 5.0.1
Free Allegiance version 2.1

Programs that have a loss of functionality after you install Windows Vista SP1

NYT (New York Times) Reader version 1
Rising Personal Firewall version 2007
Novell ZCM Agent version 10.01