Pure Digital Point & Shoot digital video camera is a compact, affordable, easy-to-use solution for creating and sharing high quality home movies and videos. The Point & Shoot digital video camcorder, as its name implied, allows anyone to easily record and share their memories with just the push of a button. The camcorder features 1.4 inch LCD screen, ability to record up to 30 minutes length of video in its pre-installed built-in 512 MB of memory, video recording in DivX compression format at 640×480 resolution, and audio recording in mono mode.

Pure Digital Point & Shoot

Detroit Free Press reviews Pure Digital Point & Shoot and concludes that the camcorder has some limitations. The video quality is not great, especially if you blow it up on a computer screen. Digital zoom results in pretty grainy shots. The audio, if you’re close to the microphone, tends to distort. If you’re outside, the little LCD viewfinder can be washed out by sunlight. But all these little issues are outweighed by the convenience. For those casual users who don’t like lugging around even a palm-sized camcorder and then figuring out how to get all those wires and cables connected to play the video back, this is a perfectly adequate substitute.

CBS News concludes that for anyone who is serious about video quality, this camera is not a replacement for a high-end digital video camera. But there’s one thing about this little camera that makes it a lot better than the more expensive and bulky higher-end cameras. You’re more likely to use it because it’s small, simple to operate and – so long as you have a couple of AA batteries handy – always ready to go. And at a price as low as $110 (after the $20 mail in rebate that expires July 15th), it’s easier on the wallet, too.

InformationWeek meanwhile concludes that in good lighting conditions, the video was clear and smooth, if a little over-saturated color-wise. The digital zoom should be used sparingly, as the image becomes noticeably pixelated. Low-light filming is grainy, and any bright image source tends to flare badly, but is on the whole acceptable. The sound is fine, and the lack of any moving parts means it’s free of camera noises. Considering the price point, it more than met expectations and would make an excellent first camcorder for a teenager.