QuickTime Lite is packaged by developer for Vista Codec Package (VCP) codec pack to provide full web browser support for viewing and downloading streaming media files including High Definition (HD) contents in QuickTime format. If you don’t want to install full package of QuickTime setup which includes QuickTime Player and other non essential components, and just want to view embedded QuickTime media on web page, you can also download QuickTime Lite and install on your system to provide necessary codec support.

Unlike QuickTime Alternative and QT Lite, QuickTime Lite for VCP does not provides QuickTime decoder codec or necessary DirectShow filter to allow playback of QuickTime files in media player, as the corresponding codecs already provided in Vista Codec Package to fully capable of playing MOV and 3GP medias without any QuickTime software installed. Thus, QuickTime Lite does not install the QuickTime Player, Image Viewer or Java components which are part of a full QuickTime installation.

This release of QuickTime Lite (version 1.05) for VCP uses the original MSI Windows Installer executable from Apple to install a ‘lite’ version of QuickTime which will provide full support for online stream viewing and downloading QuickTime files embedded in web page using browser. It installs a single shortcut (QuickTime Settings) to the VistaCodecs\32Bit Tools directory in Start menu.

Note: The original QuickTime Lite, or QT Lite has ceased development. Now, QT Lite contains exactly the same components as QuickTime Alternative, with the only difference is that QT Lite does not contain Media Player Classic.

The latest version of QT Lite is version 4.1.0. The download for QT Lite can be found on Google.