RapidShare, a popular file sharing and hosting service provider site has stopped the practice of occasionally giveaways free premium account to the lucky ones. If you still want to try your luck to grab and register a free RapidShare premium account user name and password, there are a few programs that help to monitor and notify you instantly whenever RapidShare free premium account registration is opened, thought it’s unlikely in the future again.

Among the RapidShare checkers available is Rapidshare Free Account Check, which has been upgrade to version 0.3.0, which is also its final version due limited usage of the tool in future. In the changelog, author has frankly said “this version is only useful for tools, Premium Account Info and Links Check.The availability of free accounts is stopped a year now .. so .. keep w8ing or use this tool for the functions that work. Many automated old functions dont work because there are no free accounts and the .de went to .com :P”.

Features of RapidShare Free Account Check

  • Timer (in minutes).
  • Feature to run in the system tray.
  • When the Free accounts registration is open, an alarm with sound or popup or both will warn you.
  • Tool to register from inside the program.
  • Semi-Automatic Feature to get many accounts at once.
  • Tool to get details for your free premium account, such as pass-login-valid until, details.
  • Tool to get details for your premium account, such as expiration date, bandwidth remaining and other.

Improvements and enhancements made to RapidShare Free Account Check [ViR-Q] v0.3.0 Finale

  • Fixed bug in the main form – that causes program to not respond and terminate.
  • Fixed tool premium account info.
  • Kernel changes in tool Links Check.
  • Some interface changes.

Download RapidShare Free Account Check v0.3.0 Final: rapidcheckk.rar (defunct)