Recover or Undo Corrupt AMI BIOS Flash Update

»»Recover or Undo Corrupt AMI BIOS Flash Update
BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) which also commonly known as boot loader or boot ROM, is a firmware code that run by an IBM compatible PC computer when first powered on or booting up, in order to prepare the machine so that other software programs especially operating system stored on various media (such as hard drives, floppies, and CDs) can load, execute, and assume control of the PC. There are a few suppliers or vendors for motherboard’s BIOS, one of them is from American Megatrends (AMI) with the BIOS commonly called AMI BIOS or AMIBIOS.

Modern day BIOS fireware is normally stored on EEPROM (Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) or flash memory devices, which can be easily updated or flashed by users. Flash is the term used to describe process to write a new BIOS code into the ROM, replacing the existing BIOS. However, there is risk that users improperly execute or abort a BIOS update, and cause BIOS corrupts, and render the computer or device unusable or unable to boot up. Bad flash or flash mistake cause a lot of problem and disable the system, In this case, users with corrupted BIOS can only staring at the blank screen, or POST process screen indefinitely.

If for any reason your motherboard (mobo) BIOS corrupted, if you’re motherboards comes with a backup BIOS (Dual BIOS boards or Quad BIOS board from Gigabyte), then you still be able to boot up and log on to operating system. If you’re not, and your computer or motherboard is using an AMI BIOS, then you can use the following fail safe emergency BIOS load trick to try to recover the BIOS corruption. The hack works on the basis that AMI BIOSes have a recovery process that embedded in “boot block” which is a portion of the ROM that runs first and is not updateable. Code in boot block verify that the rest of the BIOS is intact (via checksum, hash, etc.) and if it detects that the main BIOS in “system block” is corrupt, the recovery routine is called and for AMI BIOS, it will boot to a floppy to access any new BIOS file with the name AMIBOOT.ROM. If found, the file will be read and flash or write to the system block, replacing the corrupted or bad main BIOS.

Recovery procedures for AMI BIOS

  1. Download the latest version or your choose version of BIOS file for your computer or motherboard from the manufacturer’s support site.
  2. Rename the downloaded file to AMIBOOT.ROM.
  3. Copy the file to a floppy disk.
  4. Insert the floppy disk to the floppy drive.
  5. Turn on the system.
  6. The system should automatically access the floppy drive (indicated LED will light up). If no floppy access occurs press and hold Ctrl-Home to force update. Follow any on screen instruction to restore and recover the good BIOS from the floppy disk.
  7. When 4 beeps are heard or a reboot prompt you may remove the floppy disk.
  8. Restart the computer.
If USB keyboard cannot work, try PS/2 keyboard. Sometimes, take out the CMOS battery to clear the configuration settings or reset the CMOS jumper switch to clear the CMOS may help too. Only the BIOS file is needed. For AMI BIOS recovery, the floppy no need to be bootable, and no flash utility needs to exists too.

Souce: SirReal and marmo.

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  • SirReal

    Hey look mom I made the news…lol

    Here's how to recover from a corrupt Award BIOS.

    1. Make a bootable floopy disk

    2. Copy the Award flash utility & BIOS file to the floppy disk

    3. Create an autoexec.bat with "Award_Flash_Utility BiosFilename" in the content (e.g. awdfl823K w6378vms.130)

    Sample on how to create an autoexec:

    a. In Windows, open NotePad

    b. In NotePad, write "awdfl823K w6378vms.130" (without the " ")

    c. Save the file as autoexec.bat

    4. Boot up system with the floppy (it will take less than 2 minutes before screen comes out)

    5. Re-flash the BIOS & reboot.


  • inertia

    marmo's hints brought my mobo back to life.

    A world of thanks again.

    P.S. please remove the links to "ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe (by aSolRam)" !!!

  • Agnoia

    @ Admin:

    Point 2 has to be

    rename to AMIBOOT.ROM not AMIBIOS.ROM

  • admin

    Agnoia, thanks for point out, have since corrected the error.

  • Elenore

    "Quard BIOS" wot is a 'quard' ??? Maybe you had a finger slip and meant it to be QUAD BIOS.

    (3rd para, line 2)

    🙂 🙂

  • And what about laptops without floppy drives ??

  • fr0d

    For laptops without floppy drives, burn a cd disc with the AMIBOOT.ROM file, and press the same keys, it should work the same way.

  • kojot

    If you have a dual bios (for ex. Ga-M59SLI-S5) and it failed and the backup bios doesnt take over then ur FkCeD like me ;D Tried everything. Hot swap is the only solution I guess.

  • Joel

    Hi all, i have a problem with my ECS motherboard, I incountered this problem when i try to update the BIOS of my computer, during the UPDATE my computer got hung-up and i reset, after i reset i got a black screen in my monitor…. anyone can help me how to recover the BIOS?

    Note: I copied the original bios file before i update.

  • Takashi Sasaki

    Hello, I got a problem on my desktop computer with an ECS P4m890t-m V2 motherboard, I made a bios update, because my computer dont run WinXP properly, the case is… I Just get Blank Screen after the bios update… I have no FloppyDisk Driver on my PC, CD didnt work, do some one know what can I do to recover the bios?? thanks !

  • smg

    I updated bios on a toshiba satellite a105-s4384 and now have a black screen. I have an external floppy and have the bios on it. When I restart the computer it finds the floppy, then nothing happens. The computer failed on a system restore previously, so I don't think any os is installed at this point. any help would be appreciated!

  • Cipri

    Hello, it work on a wireless keyboard??

  • Ken

    Sir Real and Marmo….your system does not work with floppy or cd…it won't recognize either..even if I hold down ctrl and home…floppy light doesn't even come on…cd does, but still won't work with files you suggest!!!!

  • kamran

    the above procedure doesn't work its all bullshit.


  • jonny

    after 4 beep it still not up, how should I do?

  • paolo


    with an asus eeepc 1000he….without a floppy…how can i proceed?


    Just tried with Foxconn A6VMX and cdromand worked a treat. Thanks.

  • rehan

    hey buddy,

    i have got problem with my foxconn board a6vmx, i was updating my bios but while updating system got hanged and then i restart the system but after restarting the computer was not giving display. i need recovery bios disk …plz help me out . i m in problem 🙁

  • Paul

    power went out during flash right after the bios erase. now theres no beeps or post or screen and doesnt look for the floppy, now what?

  • Paul

    oh forgot, its a PM8M2-V mobo

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  • adam

    I'm having a ECS P4VMM2 mainboard, it always prompt wrong cmos setting after unplug the power for 30minutes even I had changed the cmos battery. Pls help

  • matt

    Hi Experts

    Let me put the long story short. I tried to extract a dell bios from this hp pc and ended up in corrupted bios. After that there is no video no beep. I have tried everything in the hp support website( the machine is out of warranty).

    PC Model: HP Compaq Microtower PC dx7500

    Motherboard : IPIEL-LA Rev3
    Bios : AMI

    When I start the machine there is no video no power LED, no beeps at all. The only activity this machine does is to read the cd drive, as read in many forums, I downloaded the bios from this link

    extracted it and found a file named EUR5.14 using a hex editor i opened this file and searched for a ROM and found it is looking for HPBIOS.ROM in the motherboard manual; they say to format a usb in fat or fat32 and place this ROM file in the usb disk and start computer. Nothing worked for me. I tried cd’s, bootable cd’s etc. some times when I press ctrl+home the system reboots as I figured out from the CPU fan and it seeks in the cd drive for few seconds and does nothing. I found a floppy drive and a floppy disk with the files in it plugged it into the motherboard 34-pin connecter but it never tries to read. Now I assume that its unable to recover itself. ( I tried AMIBOOT.ROM as well). Please help me to ressurrect my PC.

    I appreciate your time and helpfulness.



  • Frederico Oliva

    I was travell by 10 days, when I back I tried use the PIPO it didn´t switch on. nobody were home to use the PIPO while I was out. I tried to charge the battery many hours and many times, but it stoppes in first black screen. either the PIPO logo didn´t appers. I shared a video to see what happening