Windows Mobile 5 (WM5) and Windows Mobile 2003 (WM2003) portable device or Pocket PC Phone or PDA owner who owns non-A2DP (hands-free only) enabled Bluetooth headphone, or user who have difficulty and problem to stream high quality stereo or mono audio such as MP3 or AAC music from the mobile phone or WM5 PPC to Bluetooth wireless headset which supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) over a Bluetooth connection from certain applications can now use Bluecast or BTAudio Utilities to the rescue. Both software redirect and streams all sounds from the handheld devices, including those from podcasts, music, songs, tunes, MP3s, TomTom sounds, GPS navigation commands, voice notes, game sounds, and more, to BT headset including normal mono BT earpiece and car stereo without the need of any hack or modification.

BTAudio utilities consists of 3 tiny yet free apps that allows WM5 Pocket PC or PPC Phone devices users to turn on or off the redirection of all system audio including those MP3 music and songs to Bluetooth headset. The 3 files are BTAudioOn.exe used to redirect all audio to BT headphone, BTAudioOff.exe used to disable or stop the sound redirection to BT earpiece, and BTAudioToggle.exe which can easily toggle the sound redirection via Bluetooth hands free profile Audio Gateway on and off. However, BTAudioToggle.exe does not authoritatively know what the current actual state of audio redirection is and it simply turns the redirection on or off, alternating each time it is run by referring to a temp file (\BTAudio.tmp) for next action. The sound redirection is immediate once enabled, or stop immediate when disabled. BTAudio utilities ar e intended for Samsung i730, but should works on all WM5 devices such as i-mate Sp5m, Samsung i830 / i830w, HTC Tornado, T-Mobile SDA/MDA, O2 Xda Atom, UTStarcom PPC-6700 and others.

Bluecast from SimpleSmartphone (no longer available) works by turning on the Hands Free Profile Audio Gateway to the phone using low level APIs, and requires Microsoft Compact .NET Framework 2.0 which can be installed on storage card. Bluecast works on Windows Mobile 5.0 or 2003 device such as HP iPAQ rw6828/rw6818, hw6920/hw6925, Dopod 818 Pro (HTC Prophet), Dopod 900/699, O2 Xda Atom/Xda II, Palm Treo 750v/wx, T-Mobile MDA, i-mate JAMin/PDA2k, BenQ P50, E-TEN P300/M500 and many more. Beside, user also need to have Bluetooth headset/headphone/earpiece that supports the hands-free profile. Free trial version which stop playing after 60 seconds is available for download.