Reinstall and Reset TCP/IP (Internet Protocol) in Windows with NetShell

»»»Reinstall and Reset TCP/IP (Internet Protocol) in Windows with NetShell
If you facing network connection issue, or more accurately unable to access or connect to Internet or network problem in Windows operating system such as Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server and etc, you can try to reinstall and reset TCP/IP stack or Internet Protocol, one of the core component of the operating system, which cannot be uninstalled.

Again, with a corrupt TCP/IP stack, the same woes may happen – unable to establish a connection to the server, unable to load a web page, unable to browse and surf the Internet, even though network connection to broadband router or wireless router appear to be OK.

When all means run out, try to reinstall the IP stack with NetShell utility. NetShell utility (netsh) is a command-line scripting interface for the configuring and monitoring of Windows networking service.

To reinstall and reset the TCP/IP stack (Internet Protocol) to its original state as same as when the operating system was first installed, simply use the following command in a Command Prompt (Cmd) shell. In Windows Vista or newer, open an elevated Command Prompt with Administrator privileges instead. A log file name must be specified where actions taken by netsh will be recorded on newly created or appended if already existed file..

netsh int ip reset [ log_file_name ]


netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

Restart the computer once the command completed.

The command will remove all user configured settings on TCP/IP stack and return it to original default state by rewriting pertinent registry keys that are used by the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) stack to achieve the same result as the removal and the reinstallation of the protocol. The registry keys affected are:




It’s also possible to use the Easy Fix wizard provided by Microsoft to reset TCP/IP automatically.

For Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2:

For Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2003: MicrosoftFixit50199.msi

You should also try to reset Winsock.

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  • gen


    i'm experiencing this same problem, and i tried to do this, but it still did not work. i've also tried the winsock which didnt work too. basically, the problem with my computer is that it detects the connection, but all of my other programs cannot connect to the internet for their updates and all. so do my web browsers. but what's puzzling is that my yahoomessenger, msnmessenger, and my torrent manager (Bitlord) can still access the internet. i'm actually using the browser function of bitlord right now to get to here. so i was wondering, do you have any idea what's going on and what other possible solutions there are? i'm on windows vista home premium. i hope you really could help me with this. thanks so much!

  • Rob


    I've tried to do the same thing that Gen did but also did not work, I still can connect a P2P program and the MSN. So I was wondering do you have another solutions?Did you Gen get anything else? have you fixed your PC? Thanks a lot!

  • Jeremiah

    Many, many thanks!! netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt worked on XP for me.

    Thanks again!

  • Bhaskara

    I tried everything around netsh on my vista to fix the – "page cannot be displayed" on my IE, which later on started happening on Firefox also. I'm only left with doing a complete reinstall of my OS.

    Pls. let me know if there are any other ways of fixing this 🙁


  • mike


    Ive tried everything possible… my experience level is expert and frankly, i haven't been able to resolve the issue and out of 2 dozen vista laptops i have, 3 are doing this so its a random issue.

  • gilmore

    Is there a way to reset the TCP/IP on MAC computers? Because on my MAC 10.4.11 I can ping the IP address but I cannot ping the URL. I believe if I can just reset the TCP/IP on my MAC it will definitely solve the problem.

  • Mircea

    netsh winsock repair

    worked like a charm on my Vista x64 (after a few agonizing hours of trying all sorts of other things)

    tx a lot!

  • steve

    can't seem to elevate my status to administrator, keeps giving me an error message telling me that I need to elevate, but the ctrl shift enter thingy ain't working

  • Hey Steve,

    RIght click the CMD and select "run as admin"

  • PopTart


    Check your DNS settings, try putting in a different dns server like opendns ( and see if that works. If you have a router check to make sure it's dns settings are correct too.

    IE problems:

    If you've just had a spyware infection, check to see if IE doesn't have a bogus proxy in the internet settings. Other applications use these settings too, and will experience similar problems.

  • game2much


    Im right there with you. I've done everything I can think of as well as everything that the tech guys at Time Warner could think of. My IP won't reset after being restarted on their side, after disabling and enabling the network adapter and countless other things

  • I think it's rediculous that this problem has been dragging on for so long and there is no solution for it. It has wasted way too much of my time.

  • Dustin

    Okay I have reset TCP/IP and winsock now and I am still having the same issue. I can surf as long as I use the IRL but can not use the URL. This is no fun can anyone help out on this issue?? Windows Vista this occured after downloading Google Chrome – I have already uninstalled Chrome. PLEASE HELP

  • Jared Pickerell

    Another thing to check. I had this issue with one Vista laptop about a year ago. I had tried resseting WinSock and TCP/IP, uninstalling network adapter, tried other network adapters (wired and wirless)… nothing worked!!! I was getting ready to backup files and reload.

    The case on that machine eneded up being Norton Security Suite. Its firewall system or some other component had borked Vista's TCP/IP or network stack. Uninstalling the Norton suite fixed the problem! So, check for any type of 3rd party firewall, network, security, etc system that might be installed and remove it. Worth a shot.

  • tami

    I tried the suggestions using cmd. I get the following message:

    Reseting Echo Request, failed.

    The requested operation requires elevation.

    Requesting Global, failed.

    The requested operation requires elevation.

    Reseting Interface, failed.

    The requested operation requires elevation.

    There's no user specified setup to be reset.

  • Macca

    Thankyou so much!

    After hours of frustration my problem is finally fixed. I cant believe the solution took all of 2 minutes.


  • Kingwood PC Rx

    I reset the winsock from both pages, it is easier to look up the exact line of code, then to search thru my books.

    I was not able to fix with the winsock reset, I then installed firefox to see if that help. (no)

    Then I disabled the firewall (vista), found an old version of norton firewall, ran norton removal tool – still not working

    I ran hijack this again, and noticed that windows live one care family safety was listed as a BHO (browser help object) and would not allow me to delete it

    I tried to start windows one live family safety from the start menu, it says "Family Safety is disabled,…enable it…until done…you will not be able to browse internet"

    I started services.msc – found windows one live family safety , changed from disable to automatic, then started service and BAM!

    Home page, google started up.

    Way to go microsoft!

  • imfr33

    I am forever thankful!

    Symptom: Windows XP. All of a sudden it couldn't get any network activity 2 weeks ago. Nothing was installed (not even Windows update). Both LAN and Wireless network adapters were not recognized.

    netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt worked and saved me + my laptop.

  • PC Technician

    I actually used the NETSH WINSOCK RESET CATALOG command line to fix a Vista problem I encountered. After typing in that command, pressing ENTER, and rebooting… the problem was fixed.


    Could not log onto domain-joined laptop with network credentials. Vista Ultimate kept saying the netlogon service failed to start. I was able to log on as local admin and troubleshoot. The OS saw all NICs in device manager, but when connected to the network via the NIC, the OS still showed not connected. I could not manually start the netlogon service or other pertinent services without an error message.

    The above command saved the F*****G day!!!

  • PC Technician

    Also, in device manager all network items were enabled — I even tried enable then disable before putting in the syntax I referred to in my previous post.

    I think I'll now go read about NETSH to get a better understanding of this tool. Just another tool to use to solve problems. Wireshark is a good troubleshooting tool too.


      wow dude, unchecked proxy settings and everything is working. THXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX DUDE

  • Parker

    I tried using the netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt command but this didn't seem to work. As others have stated I could use other applications, however http (port 80) would not work. I knew DNS was working because I could ping

    Unfortunately I had virus on my pc and used the following tools with no avail:

    1. Malware Bytes

    2. Avira Anti-Virus

    3. HiJack This!

    4. SpyBot

    While running HiJack This! I noticed a line in the log that mentioned a proxy server of which is the loopback.

    I removed the proxy server using the steps below (IE 8).

    1. Tools>Internet Options>Connections.

    2. Click Lan Settings.

    3. Uncheck "Use a proxy server…".

    4. Click OK.

    After removing the proxy server, chrome and IE started working perfectly. I'm not sure why chrome uses the proxy settings from IE, bad move.

    Hopefully this helps someone.

    • Jarmal

      hey parker just had to take the time to let u know your the man. As soon as i did what you said almost instantly boom theres goes the internet appreciate the help and thinking of even posting this. Truly helped did the command promt resets first may have helped idk but this tip that parker posted booomm shaka laka lol its on the money thanks again.

  • J

    This worked perfectly for me, thanks so much! I was on a Gateway laptop, Vista, pre-SP1. All interfaces kept getting the auto-local IP (169.254.x.x). netsh winsock reset didn't do th trick, but this netsh int ip reset followed by reboot cleared it right up.

  • Ben Rawlings

    Well explained! You may not be able to remove such protocol but there's a way to reinstall it and that's to reset it to its original state. Using NetShell and its reset command to reinstall Internet protocol isn’t really that difficult, though the steps are carried out using the command prompt.

  • Tuna


    My friend was having the same issue and I've been trying to do everything to fix it for him. Every method I looked up through google wasn't working, then I tried yours and it worked wonderfully. Thanks!

  • Ian


    I'd been trawling through forums for a long while before coming across your proxy server removal suggestion. Worked like a charm. Cracked open a beer after that triumph.



  • Chris Lee


    Thank you!!!! I have tried every single thing to fix this laptop and this little tip was the key. I was 10min away from doing a full format. Thanks, you just made my day 🙂

  • Debbie

    Excellent fix! Worked like a charm. Thanks so much!

  • Doug Johnson

    I would like to send a big THANK YOU!! I spent the last week trying everything I could find on the internet and getting ready to rip this one apart.

    This fix had it back on the Internet in 10 minutes.

  • Jason P

    Thank you so much it is appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Broad

    Another satisfied customer… Thanks a lot for this fix.

  • justin

    nice. thanks for the info.

  • Carl

    I also tried everything suggested, reset WINSOCK, reset IP stact, run CHKDSK, reconfigure network settings, uninstalling and re-installing network adapter, etc., etc. I finally saw the post about Norton and realized that the problem all started when I downloaded and installed NIS 2011 (dumb mistake, always take one step back to where you were before the problem happened and work backwards from there) Instead I overlooked the obvious. After uninstalling the Norton IS 2011 everything worked fine. Don't get me wrong, I like Norton and have never had any issues with their software before but this was the exception.

  • Brian Macintosh

    Thank you for this information. I finally have dhcp working so that I can look at the original problem with internet crashing

  • PinkyPink

    OMG!!!!!!! This worked! I still have some hair left although I almost pulled most of it out trying to fix my networking after a virus attack. Thank you for using your powers for GOOD, and not EVIL.

  • Julius

    Solution still works after all those years since today is April 1 2015 yes this fixed my issue with connecting to the internet.It would right away and this is the only solution that i have found for connecting to the internet using windows vista.I appreciate the instructions and this solved my problem,my computer would have been useless without you.I recommend everyone try this if they have a issue with local only internet or any internet connection problem.Thank you.

  • Ian Center

    Did not work for me

  • Thanks for this knowledgeable information. i tried it and guys it is 100% working.

  • Bethwel

    Excellent…Thanks a million times