Accidentally remove and delete U3 LaunchPad that is preinstalled on your U3 smart drive? Or have decided to uninstall U3 Launchpad software from the USB flash drive but now want to restore and install the U3 Launchpad? It’s possible to revert the uninstallation process and reinstall U3 Launchpad into the USB flash smart drive.

The reinstallation of U3 Launchpad software and feature-set to U3 smart driver is manufacturer’s dependent process, where you need to download U3 LaunchPad Installer or Updater that will install or update the U3 Launchpad in the smart drive. The installer or updater is normally available for free download at the manufacturer’s support page or driver download page, where the common one is listed below.

SanDisk: U3 LaunchPad Installer (LPInstaller.exe)

The rest of the brands provide U3 Launchpad updater in order to upgrade to Vista-compliant and compatible U3 Launchpad, and thus able to support Windows Vista. But in most cases, the updater can be used to restored removed U3 functions.

Kingston: DataTraveler U3 Launchpad Updater (U3update.exe)

Verbatim: Store ‘n’ Go U3 Smart Drive Launchpad Update (u3updater_verbatim_us.exe – no longer available))

Intuix: U3 updater program ( – no longer available)

Memorex: Mini TravelDrive U3 Launchpad Updater (U3 Launchpad v1.4.0.2 – no longer available)

PQI: Cool Drive U3 Updater ( – no longer available)

TwinMos: Mobile Disk Launch Pad Updater ( – no longer available)

Clever-Stuff, disgo, busbi and Ativa: Run “Check for Software Updates” button inside U3 Launchpad Status and Settings

disk2go: SMART / SMART II (disk2go_u3updater_1.0.5.5.exe – no longer available)) disk2go® RETRACT U3 (R1) (d2g_retract_u3_updater_1.0.5.5.exe – no longer available)

Extrememory – U3 Smart Drive Launch Pad (ExtreMemory_Launchpad_Installer_1.4.0.2_55.1.0.1.exe – no longer available)