Reinstall or Restore U3 LaunchPad Software into USB Flash Smart Drive

»»Reinstall or Restore U3 LaunchPad Software into USB Flash Smart Drive
Accidentally remove and delete U3 LaunchPad that is preinstalled on your U3 smart drive? Or have decided to uninstall U3 Launchpad software from the USB flash drive but now want to restore and install the U3 Launchpad? It’s possible to revert the uninstallation process and reinstall U3 Launchpad into the USB flash smart drive.

The reinstallation of U3 Launchpad software and feature-set to U3 smart driver is manufacturer’s dependent process, where you need to download U3 LaunchPad Installer or Updater that will install or update the U3 Launchpad in the smart drive. The installer or updater is normally available for free download at the manufacturer’s support page or driver download page, where the common one is listed below.

SanDisk: U3 LaunchPad Installer (LPInstaller.exe)

The rest of the brands provide U3 Launchpad updater in order to upgrade to Vista-compliant and compatible U3 Launchpad, and thus able to support Windows Vista. But in most cases, the updater can be used to restored removed U3 functions.

Kingston: DataTraveler U3 Launchpad Updater (U3update.exe)

Verbatim: Store ‘n’ Go U3 Smart Drive Launchpad Update (u3updater_verbatim_us.exe – no longer available))

Intuix: U3 updater program ( – no longer available)

Memorex: Mini TravelDrive U3 Launchpad Updater (U3 Launchpad v1.4.0.2 – no longer available)

PQI: Cool Drive U3 Updater ( – no longer available)

TwinMos: Mobile Disk Launch Pad Updater ( – no longer available)

Clever-Stuff, disgo, busbi and Ativa: Run “Check for Software Updates” button inside U3 Launchpad Status and Settings

disk2go: SMART / SMART II (disk2go_u3updater_1.0.5.5.exe – no longer available)) disk2go® RETRACT U3 (R1) (d2g_retract_u3_updater_1.0.5.5.exe – no longer available)

Extrememory – U3 Smart Drive Launch Pad (ExtreMemory_Launchpad_Installer_1.4.0.2_55.1.0.1.exe – no longer available)

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  • apex2000

    I have a SanDisk U3 USB Drive and it does not work with Vista Ultimate. I contacted SanDisk, asking them when they would update their software, and they replied that 'Vista is not compatible with our software.'
    What a joke! Surely it should be 'Oursoftware is not compatible with Vista'?
    Anyone else having problems?

  • Kim

    Currently there isn't any wrok around for this problem – I have tried pretty much everything, and even after liasing closely with U3, there doesn't seem to be a solution.
    I even tried this ….

    but not joy !
    My last advice would have to be either buy a Verbatim flash drive with U3, or format your Sandisk and install Ceedo ! (

  • apex2000

    Thanks Kim, tried the Ceedo app and it works well if a little slow in installing apps and running them. Only problem with it is the price: the Ceedo app is more expensive than the 1.0GB SanDisk Cruzer !!!

  • Kim

    try mobymemory

    You can get the 4GB Sankdisk U3 for £22 including delivery !

  • t d

    I have a disgo… i'm really confused by
    "Clever-Stuff, disgo, busbi and Ativa: Run “Check for Software Updates” button inside U3 Launchpad Status and Settings"
    We REMOVED u3 and we want to put it back on guys. We don't HAVE the u3 launchpad and settings!

  • Ernest

    Any options for restoring Thoshiba U3 drive?

  • Kim

    Ernest – for your Toshiba Drive goto

    Disgo drivers are at

    For other mainstram U3 flash drives goto

    Wish Sandisk woould hutty up with their update – I am sick of formatting my flash drive & reinstalling Ceedo evey 30 days !!

    If anyone knows of a work around PLEASE inform me.


  • escosoft

    tengo dos memorias kinstong se le puede porner el software U3 asi de facil y desde donde lo descargo.

  • Kim

    Any chance of this in English – google translator not giving me enough info.

  • apex2000

    Kim: There is a work around for Ceedo. Contact me ( and I will send it to you.

  • TryAgain

    My U3 Toshiba isn't auto-loading anymore, the CD drive is there, and the Toshiba updater says its up to date. Is their a way to restore the image? The cd is there, its just that all of the applications won't launch…

  • ari

    New Link for

    Kingston: DataTraveler U3 Launchpad Updater (U3update.exe)

  • Kim

    I have a copy of a U3 launchpad that appears to work with ALL versions of Windows – YES EVEN VISTA !! email me at if you want to try this installer and I can send it to you. From further reading – doesn't look like Sandisk are gonna resolve this issue, especially now they have teamed up with Microsoft to work on a totally new format !! Fingers crossed this version works for you too !!

  • qaisar

    my kigsten data travler show message
    "inser disk drive"
    please help me how to remove this message

  • ecsjr

    Does anyone have the Geek Squad launchpad installer?

  • wais

    I have tried to chane the name on my usb and somehow all info was lost and now I cannot get the balls comes up on my computer and i cannot turn it off neither can my usb be ejected.

  • sester

    this page pretty much saved my life with my flash drive thank you sooo much

  • Don

    Or try the free open source version, which can be uninstalled, reinstalled, updated freely, faster, not nearly as bloated…blah blah etc at:

  • Kim

    I have uploaded the sandisk VISTA U3 installer package to my server, so you don't have to email me a request, although feel free to let me kow if it solves your problems at

    Download at…

    I agree portableapps is good, but that not really the point of this blog and we bought U3 for a reason – lets use it !!

  • Kim

    Although bring on "Startkey" – Microsoft & Sandisks new joint venture that will superceed U3 – looks exciting.

  • Tom

    Gibt es für CnMemory auch einen LPInstaller und wenn ja, wo? Formatieren in CDFS,womit? Partitionieren mit Partition Magic 8.0 wie in anderen Foren beschrieben nicht möglich, hatte ich extra nur dafür gekauft…

  • Kim

    Tom – if you can post again in English, maybe I can be of help.

  • Stephen Jerome

    I installed U3 launchpad in my flash drive but I couldn't see or recover my already stored document. How can I get my documents back? Please I need your assistance. I hope my documents are not lost otherwise that'd be a disaster of my life.
    Thanks! Notify me of the solution soonest.

  • Kim

    Files will probs be lost as the U3 installer formats the drive.

    All is not lost though – don't write anything else to you flash drive.

    Download/install this app

    This will recover all your data.

    Kim it help, Kim.

    (it is available on torrents if u don't wanna buy, however i don't condone stealing)

  • luis

    ecsjr you can't re-install it on geek squad ones it sucks cuz i want to get rid of it but im afraid im going to want it later on



  • a


  • Mariano Del Negro

    Posseggo un USB U3 Launchpad ed ho aggiornato il softwer in data 6.11.2008 ed è scomparsa la sua funzionalità. come faccio a ripristinarlo. gGrazie per una eventuale comunicazione o suggerimento. Mariano Del Negro

  • Mariano Del Negro

    Sono in possesso di un extrememorj smart da 1 GB ed erroneamente ho aggiornato il softwer sul Vs sito ed è scomèarsa tutta la funzionalità di U3 Launchpad. Non riesco a reinstallarlo come da Vs istruzioni del Vs sito.
    Posso avere unaiuto. Grazie per un eventuale Vs suggerimento.

  • Kim

    This is primarily an English thread – I cannot support non English comments (as I don't understand – Sorry)

  • Tim

    Hallo, das U3 update für memorex (U3 Launchpad v1.4.0.2 Updater.exe) ist auf der memorexseite nicht mehr aktiv. Hätte jemand von euch die Datei für mich?
    bitte an:

    Danke Euch

  • Joseph

    It doesn't work with the Verbatim 1GB U3 smart drive. Keeps giving me an error saying "no u3 smart drive found" and that's a one month old verbatim u3 drive I purchased.

  • babyhewy

    For everybody whom can't understand the other languages, you should us a translator. Copy whatever text you want translate and Paste into the Babelfish website. You can also type in what you want to say, then Translate from English to what ever other languageCopy and Paste it here in this site.

  • Lukasz

    Looking for the U3 restore for memorex if anyone has it please email it to me at

  • PtitBob
  • Jimi

    Wer hat die Datei für Memorex U3 Link ioniert nicht mehr. Wäre nett wenn mir jemand die Datei an senden könnte. Herlichen Dank vorab

  • nick


  • sa

    I am turkısh I not speak english

    • Lord

      Then go to hell…

  • Willem

    Thanks for a great summary!
    I have an Intuix drive and the website is no longer active. Is there another way to update my U3 USB stick?

  • Gigi

    Good Day! I am having problem with my intuix usb. I can open with windows xp but it cannot run with windows 7. Please help me how to make it run in my notebook with windows 7.

    • ng fy

      how to update my u3 to windows 7??

  • I have a ScanDisk 16GB flash drive that was working perviously but now is not. My OS is Win7 64bit.

    I get an error that says: U3dapi10.dll (missing). What should or can I do? I have tried to reinstall the software to my laptop which I copied from my flash drive to my laptop hard drive.

    What can I do?

  • JSF

    i am using a toshiba flash drive, anyway to reinstall the u3 system?

  • shakhawat

    my question is that i have a dell laptop but dont know how to get wairless on it so can i use sand disk u3 to get wairless on it cause my note book it dosent have wairless on it but i tried but i couldnt get it.

    • Master

      WTF is wairless???
      Are you a retard?

      • It’s spelled “they’re” 😛

  • ankur

    my twinmos 32gb flash drive not format not active for the properties please solution given him

  • saddam

    i have hp v220w 32gb usb flash drive showing 0 bytes memory .detecting as the removable disk also opening but cannot be used windows is not able to fortmat it .please anybody help me