When you type in a website’s URL or link location directly into address bar of the FireFox and Internet Explorer web browser, the typed URLs or the web addresses will be saved as history entries. The URL and link history is good if you frequently revisit the web page but don’t want to save it as bookmark or favorite. With the saved typed URL, you can just pull down the URL history entry listing and select the applicable URL or link, or IE or FireFox will auto-complete the URL address when you are typing. The problem is, the list of typed URLs entries history is accessible and viewable to everyone who can access the computer when they pull down the list from address bar.

For privacy and security purpose, you might want to remove, clear or delete the URL link entries that appear in the web browser address bar history. You can easily do so by clicking on “Clear History” (IE) or “Clear Browsing History” (FireFox) at the “Options” window. However, once you clear browsing history, history of all URLs and links that you have visited, including the typed URLs and links saved in address bar cache, will be deleted, cleared and removed. So if you just want to remove and delete certain or some specific URLs and links from the browser address bar, you have to use a trick and tip.

FireFox Address Bar Typed URLs History Removal Guide

Pull down the address bar typed URLs history list, use cursor or mouse to point the URL or link that you want to delete, and then press SHIFTDELETE keys (pressing SHIFT and DELETE keys simultaneously). The URL or link will be removed from the address bar history.

Internet Explorer Address Bar Typed URLs or Web Address History Removal Guide

In Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (IE6 and IE7), it’s not possible to simply press delete key to remove a typed URL or web addresses, contrary to this convenient feature available for saved AutoComplete entries for forms. You will need to follow a trick to delete or remove a specific URL from IE address bar history. Visit this article for guide on how to delete and clear URL entry from address bar of Internet Explorer.