Remove and Delete Some URL Entries from Address Bar History of FireFox and Internet Explorer

ยปยปยปRemove and Delete Some URL Entries from Address Bar History of FireFox and Internet Explorer

When you type in a website’s URL or link location directly into address bar of the FireFox and Internet Explorer web browser, the typed URLs or the web addresses will be saved as history entries. The URL and link history is good if you frequently revisit the web page but don’t want to save it as bookmark or favorite. With the saved typed URL, you can just pull down the URL history entry listing and select the applicable URL or link, or IE or FireFox will auto-complete the URL address when you are typing. The problem is, the list of typed URLs entries history is accessible and viewable to everyone who can access the computer when they pull down the list from address bar.

For privacy and security purpose, you might want to remove, clear or delete the URL link entries that appear in the web browser address bar history. You can easily do so by clicking on “Clear History” (IE) or “Clear Browsing History” (FireFox) at the “Options” window. However, once you clear browsing history, history of all URLs and links that you have visited, including the typed URLs and links saved in address bar cache, will be deleted, cleared and removed. So if you just want to remove and delete certain or some specific URLs and links from the browser address bar, you have to use a trick and tip.

FireFox Address Bar Typed URLs History Removal Guide

Pull down the address bar typed URLs history list, use cursor or mouse to point the URL or link that you want to delete, and then press SHIFTDELETE keys (pressing SHIFT and DELETE keys simultaneously). The URL or link will be removed from the address bar history.

Internet Explorer Address Bar Typed URLs or Web Address History Removal Guide

In Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (IE6 and IE7), it’s not possible to simply press delete key to remove a typed URL or web addresses, contrary to this convenient feature available for saved AutoComplete entries for forms. You will need to follow a trick to delete or remove a specific URL from IE address bar history. Visit this article for guide on how to delete and clear URL entry from address bar of Internet Explorer.

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  • Thanks, I have always wondered how I could do this.

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    THANK YOU! i've wanted to do this for a long time but had no idea how to.

  • thanks a lot! i didn't know it was that simple.

  • gahaz

    Does not work! If you restart Firefox, all urls that you had deleted, have returned.

  • Tricia

    Thanks so much. I finally find some info free that actually worked…

  • Yakuza

    Tip does not work. Once deleted, the URL you just deleted appears again if u click agian on the little arrow showed in the address bar

  • FreakQNC


    Once deleted, the URL is gone from the list! Although it may appear in the URL field as if you just selected it… do not click it and close that tab. Reopening a new tab or window you will not see the URL you just removed when autocomplete will kick in.

    That's mighty helpful to remove mispelled URLs and non-existing addresses!


  • blue22

    @Yakuza, followed your instructions and url history still appears when you open up a new window. Really frustrating how unintuitive this is to do (assuming there even is a way to do it). Anyone?

  • dp

    Using 3.5 – I don't believe this works if you have imported bookmarks.

  • m

    Thank you SO much! I'm really grateful to you for posting this.

    I've been trying to clear my browsing history for WEEKS! i don't know when/why firefox started being difficult about this, but I found out the hard way. embarrasing…

    thanks =-)

  • Art

    also you can try this prog. History Killer Proto remove and delete Some URL Entries from Address Bar History of FireFox and Internet Explorer

  • mj

    Shift-DEL in the browser bar doesn't work if you have the URL as a bookmark. Go to "Bookmarks", select "Organize Bookmarks". Next, in the search box (top right of window), type in a keyword for the URL you want to delete. When that URL is listed, delete it from your bookmarks. Now when you shift-DEL at the browser bar, that URL will not reappear when you reopen your browser.

    This worked for me, I'm using Firefox 3.0.6.


    • Nguyen Anh

      This is the best. The shift delete did not work for me until I read this comment. Thank you so much!

  • Art

    if you have any problems try this: History Killer Pro

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    Thanks for the tips. Removing URLs in Firefox works like a charm!

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    thank you so very much.

    i've been trying to find a way for months!

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    Thank you! This was very helpful!

  • Hi,

    My company has created a product that could solve this problem. Our software, ControlHistory allows you to selectively or completely delete your history. You can download it from It supports

    IE (ver. 6+)

    Firefox (ver. 3+)

    Chrome (ver. 1+)

    Google Desktop Search

    Many programs like MS Word, Excel, Acrobat Reader, WinRAR, 7-Zip, etc. that save their history in the Registry.

    You can use the software for free to view your history but to be able to delete it you need a license. The cost of a license is USD 0.99 (99 cents).

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    Thanks a tone for the SHIFT-DELETE tip ๐Ÿ™‚

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    this doesnt work as gahaz stated. Its back after re-opening firefox.

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    Ever wondered how did this

  • peter

    here is how you clear navigation toolbar dropdown url history WITHOUT killing your saved bookmarks.

    In Mozilla Firefox

    1. Go to Tools menu

    2. Select Options

    3. Select the “Privacy” tab

    4. On the Private Data area, click on the “Clear Now…” button.

    5. select use custom settings for history.

    6. put checks in boxes for the following and ONLY the following (remember my browsing history for ten days, remember download history, accept cookies from sites, accept third party cookies and make it until they expire, clear history when firefox closes.)

    7. hit ok.

    8. close firefox

    9. restart firefox.

    10. thats it:) no more history

  • Many thanks, the Shift-Delete works for Firefox. It helps me removed from my url when I wanted to goto google analytics instead.

  • Jon


    • Srinivas

      DOES NOT WORK ? Change your Keyboard..

  • Winter

    In Firefox, Go to HISTORY menu.


    Then it will show HISTORY, TAGS, BOOKMARKS.

    Click Bookmarks.

    Go to UNSORTED BOOKMARKS. Double-click.

    You'll see all the history in your address bar.

    Simply click on the site/s and press DEL / DELETE

    This will delete all the history in your address bar.

  • Ankit

    Thanks. firefox funda worked

  • Phil

    When I get to typed urls there are no addresses to be deleted but they are still on my address bar

  • Aria

    Blech, there's an old eluveitie video that doesn't work anymore and I keep clicking it thinking it's the one I want to listen to but instead I keep getting the "video is now private" error. *sigh* I tried the suggestion to remove it from my suggested history bar but it didn't work. (I'm using firefox, too). It's going to take a little more than just "blanking the search bar for a different search."

    But thanks anyway. =/

  • ian

    finally , but how about if the url history is not few…how to delete it all together in one time ?

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    thank you. there was so many game sites that i don't need.

  • Ease

    I have found that sometimes the remedies found here (including the 3rd party software I've tried) wont work (possibly due to the data-base in Firefox becoming to large or fragmented). IF none of these solutions work for you…

    Firefox uses a data base named places.sqlite to store history & bookmarks. These files will rebuild themselves if removed & your Bookmarks should be restored from the .json files in the 'bookmarkbackups' folder, but to be on the safe side export your Bookmarks to a .html file using Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks/Import & Backup/Export HTML, & close Firefox. After that, search for places.sqlite & delete (or rename by adding .OLD to the end of the files be safe) all of them including places.sqlite-journal… At this point when you re-open Firefox ALL history will be gone, & the only bug should be that your bookmarks will display blank 'Favicons', instead of the ones from the websites, but this will remedy itself next time you revisit the websites.

    * A 'Side-Affect' of this method is that Firefox may open significantly faster with a clean Data-Base (depending on size & fragmentation of the old one)!!

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    Thanks for how to delele web addresses in firefox
    Shift delete

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    Thank you for the shift+del tip. Have been looking for a solution to that for weeks, I was about to uninstall firefox and clean the registry & reinstall it again…

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    Thank you very much! I was annoyed with a url I wrote with a .com and showed everytime i wanted to reach the actual url.

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    I tried the crt+del, but it keeps repopulating…
    How do I clean the URL history for good?

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    Foxfire does not delete the addresses, I have tried the recommended procedures closed and reopened the browser and all my past visited urls are still avaialable for viewing