Remove Junk and Unwanted Software from PC with PC De-Crapifier

»»»Remove Junk and Unwanted Software from PC with PC De-Crapifier
If you just buying a new computer, be it notebook or desktop computer, most likely the PC will come with lots of free preinstalled software other than the base operating system. These preinstalled programs intend to let you have the simple ability to use the enhanced functionality of the computer features, so most of the bundled software are trimmed-down or scaled-down version with limited functionality or demo which will expire. You may want to uninstall, remove and get rid the unwanted or crap programs to free up system resources such as memory and disk space. And PC De-Crapifier (previously known as Dell De-Crapifier) is designed to remove a specific list unwanted software automatically without intervention.

PC De-Crapifier works best on most Dell notebooks and desktops, however, it also works on most other brand of computers. PC De-Crapifier can automate the uninstallation of the following programs, which are selectable by users to decide whether they want to uninstall the particular program or not. Note that the software needs to be listed in Add/Remove Programs for the script to work properly. The automation script can be used on old PC too.

* QuickBooks Trial
* NetZero Installers
* Earthlink Setup Files
* Corel Photo Album 6
* Tiscali Internet
* Wanadoo Europe Installer
* Get High Speed Internet!
* Internet Service Offers Launcher
* Dell Search Assistant
* Norton Ghost 10.0
* Symantec Live Update
* MS Plus Photo Story 2LE
* MS Plus Digital Media Installer
* McAffee
* Norton Internet Security
* Google Desktop
* Google Toolbar
* MusicMatch Jukebox
* MusicMatch Music Services
* Wild Tangent Games
* Norton AntiVirus 2005
* Norton Security Center
* Norton AntiSpam
* PC-cillin Internet Security 12
* Corel Snapfire Plus SE
* Yahoo! Music Jukebox
* Vongo
* Run Registry Entries
* Desktop Icons
* Startup Menu Items
* Corel WordPerfect
* Roxio RecordNow
* Sonic DLA
* Sonic Update Manager
* Sonic RecordNow Audio
* Sonic RecordNow Copy
* Roxio MyDVD LE
* Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003
* Quicken 2006

PC De-Crapifier version 1.7, and its updates can be downloaded here. Previously available step by step instruction to use the source script is no longer available.

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