Reset or Change Firefox Do This Automatically for Files Like This from Now On Option

»»»Reset or Change Firefox Do This Automatically for Files Like This from Now On Option
Whenever you download a file from Internet, Firefox web browser will prompt a dialog asking if you would like to open the file with a specified application or save the file to disk. At the bottom of the pop up window, you’re also given an option to whether Do this automatically for files like this from now on. Once you check or tick the option, Firefox will automatically perform the selected action whenever you click on the same file type (extension) in future, function in a similar way to Always ask before opening this type of file checkbox in Windows.

After checking the check box and set the automatic handling preference, Firefox will not prompt for selection anymore, but will instead automatically handle the file. If you want to change the default action to be performed by Firefox browser, or now prefer Firefox to prompt and ask you for action, or accidentally click the check box, you can follow these steps to change the setting to revert or reset back to original prompt:

  1. Run Firefox web browser.
  2. Click on Tools menu, and then Options in the drop-down menu item. Prior to Firefox 2.0, try Edit -> Preference.
  3. Go to Content or Applications tab.
  4. In older version of Firefox, click on the Manage button under the File Types section. Newer version of Firefox will show a list of all apps directly.
  5. You will see a list of all file types or extensions with their associated actions.

    To reset the “Do this automatically for files like this from now on” setting to the default (so that Firefox will prompt and ask for selection and confirmation again), simply highlight the File Type or Content Type you want to change, then select Always ask, or click on Remove Action button in older version of Firefox.

    Note: If Remove Action button in Download Actions window is grayed out or disabled, click on Change Action, change the selected action to “Save them on my computer”. Now the Remove Action button is enabled.

    To simply change the associated default action performed by Firefox on particular file type (so that Firefox will open the file using selected program without prompting), simply highlight your desired File Type or Content Type and then select the appropriate action. In older version of Firefox, click Change Action button. A dialog pop up will allow you to choose to open the file with default application, specific application, save them to computer local disk or manage with plugin as the new default action.

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  • cchris d

    Most people have the opposite problem. Setting the "Do this automatically for files like this from now on" is supposed to automate actions without prompting with a dialog box but it still pops up on many files types with the box already clicked. Its an old bug thats never gotten fixed and likely never will.
    vote to fix this issue.

  • Thanx a lot, i searched for this a long time

  • My firefox does'ct called localhost? but must use So if i use http://localhost/ is noting happen, i must use How to fix this problem? i use apache server only? thanks

  • zegway

    Yes, I agree with cchris D. Firefox does NOT handle files automatically no matter HOW MANY TIMES you tell it to. This is an OLD bug, which STILL isn't fixed as of a year later… in Firefox 3. I'm VERY disappointed and I'm wondering who is this dummy who wrote this article without doing ANY research whatsoever. EVERYONE has this same problem with FF and no one appears to care enough to fix it. Unreal…

  • thanks for your tips… keep on sharing

  • PJ

    Except this doesn't work for about 99% of the files types out there, and they don't seem interested in fixing it…

  • PJ

    Yeah, except you CAN'T click the damn "do this automatically" button – and its always the fault of the websites never the morons who program this crap browser.

  • Nick


  • ski11fu

    Because the geniuses at mozilla think mime type and not file extension should determine what firefox does.

    Mean while


    come on

  • fucken hell this is

    man, this shit is starting to piss me tha fuck right off, instead of firefuckinfox saving contents, it fuckin opens them, this is painfully annoying regarding multimedia…

    fuckinhell :-0 aaaaaaaahhhh

  • Syd

    This information is woefully outdated.

  • spiralofhope

    Does not apply to Firefox 3.6. Apparently the functionality was completely removed.