Revert “Always Ask Before Opening This Type of File” Option in Microsoft Outlook

»»»Revert “Always Ask Before Opening This Type of File” Option in Microsoft Outlook
In Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP (2002), 2003, and Outlook 2007 from the Microsoft Office 2007 or later, when attempting to open an attachment that came with an email, a dialog box will prompt for options that ask whether you like to open the file or save it to computer. Other than allowing users to choose which action user want to Outlook to perform, the dialog also has a check box of “Always ask before opening this type of file” setting, which if untick or clear, will make the choice permanent and Outlook always does the selected action by default for the type and extension of attachment file in the future without prompting again.

If you have accidentally unchecked the check box, or for whatever reason want to reset or revert the “Always ask before opening this type of file” setting so that Office Outlook will return change back to the default behavior with prompt to save or open functionality, we can use the same trick as reset the always ask setting in IE. The same trick will work because the “Always Ask Before Opening This Type of File” setting is actually an operating system variable, and both IE and Outlook use it to determine the action needed to perform.

To recap, follow this steps to reset the behavior so that Outlook will prompt you to open or save the file type:

  1. Open the Control Panel Folder Options applet or open it from Tools -> Folder Options in any Explorer window.
  2. Select the File Types tab.
  3. Scroll down to the extension type that you want to reset.
  4. Select the extension type, then click Advanced.
  5. Check the “Confirm open after download” check box, then click OK.
  6. Click Close to the Folder Options dialog box.

Note: The trick works in Outlook installed in Windows XP or earlier OS.

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  • sheina

    thank you!!! i never would have thought of that.

  • April

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I couldn't find *anything* on Microsoft's site and here I found the solution immediately.

  • ian

    Thanks. Very helpful

  • RBL

    Does not work on Vista.

  • Link

    Perfect! I had the same dismal results with the Outlook HELP file that April had on the Microsoft web site. This article was the first result on Google search and had the problem resolved for me in under a minute.

  • Kalli

    Good listing..micrsoft help was not good.

  • MicrosoftSux

    Thanks!! Not the most obvious place to make that change, but your advice worked perfectly!

  • Iván

    ¡¡¡Muchas gracias por la ayuda!!!

    La verdad que nunca lo hibiese buscado por ahí.

  • AC

    Thank you. Outlook help did not help resolve this. I could not figure it out at all.

  • makegood

    Thanks for the info!

  • thank you…^_^..

  • vetali

    Thank you for your help!!!!

  • Michael

    This does not apply to Windows 7

    (The File Type tab does not exist.)

  • J

    Thanks !!

  • Steven

    I'm good until Step 3. Scroll down to the extension type that you want to reset.

    I must be missing something here, but which extension do I pick for the Outlook? There are like hundreds of items here.

    • jay

      Try xls or doc or the type of file which you opened and unchecked the option and it works. Thanks for the solution.

  • Tim

    This doesn’t work for WINDOWS 7.
    Does anyone know how to retrieve the ‘save or open’ dialogue box?

  • Ren

    Bless you for your easy instructions to solve this.

  • Cantime77

    Why is this still showing in search? It is now August 2017 and your instruction are DEAD. Remove it from the internet and clean up you site. This does not work!

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