VoSky Call Center enables Skype and SkypeOut outgoing calls from any phone including cellphone and receives incoming Skype calls to any conventional phone including mobile phone, increases mobility without the need to stay in front of computer when using Skype. For added benefit, notification can be sent to any normal phone too when any Skype contacts online, and call back when user is online if user is presently not around.

IHT reviewed VoSky Call Center and concluded that “The sound quality is excellent. It’s not as good as a Skype-to-Skype call, of course, because you’re listening on a phone, but it’s much better than a regular phone call.

The functionality may sound complicated on paper. But for the most part, each function is beautifully done, crisply and simply executed and easily learned.

There are exceptions that there is the necessity to leave your PC turned on, with Skype running, at all times. Another issue is that to make a Skype call from your phone, you have to use the handset to which it is connected to the Call Center. And you cannot change the message on the digital answering machine.

If those gotchas don’t getcha, though, you’d be hard-pressed to find another $60 gadget that works so crisply, reliably and efficiently. If you’re among the millions of existing Skypaholics, the Call Center could magnify the pleasure of making those free calls. And if you’re not, the VoSky Call Center is one more reason to see what the Skype hype is all about.”

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