Feed Rinse is a online service that automatically filters the subscribed RSS feeds and syndicated contents from unwanted contents, spam or items that you not interested in. Just add and import the feed’s URL or OPML file from your favorite RSS reader (Feed Demon, FeedLounge, NetNewsWire, MyYahoo!, Rojo, etc.) into Feed Rinse, then set up the filters to block and hide posts by keyword, tag or author, and FeedRise will hide items that matched your keywords. Then, read your rinsed and filtered RSS with any RSS readers by using FeedRinse OPML Reading List.

Feed Rinse

SignOnSanDiego reviews Feed Rinse service and concludes that although FeedRinse has taken away the channel option from the free service, the $1 monthly subscription that is now required to get it also comes with 50 filters on feeds instead of five. A $3 monthly “plus” service comes with 100 filters and three channels.

There’s also a $5-a-month premium package offering 500 filters and five channels. For serious RSS junkies, that might be money well worth spending – at least until someone else imitates this great filtering idea.

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