Windows Live Messenger (previously known as MSN Messenger) only allow user to load or launch one session or instance of WLM messenger service. One WLM only bring some trouble to instant messaging addicts who have more than one Windows Live ID (Hotmail or MSN user ID). That’s mean only 1 login user ID can be online at any one time at one computer. Multi MSN is a small program that enable multiple account login ID and multiple instance (more than once) of MSN or Windows Live Messenger to load in 1 computer at the same time. Multi MSN also has added feature for removing the bottom ads banner on the messenger contact list and chat windows.

The different version of MultiMSN patcher is available for each different specific version of MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger. The application of Multi MSN is pretty simple, just download MultiMSN that corresponding to your version of MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, unzip the executable binary, and run the MultiMSN program. MultiMSN window will appear and allow users to select and choose which patch type that they want Multi MSN to fix into MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger. The options available are MultiMSN or SingleMSN, Hide Banner or Show Banner of Contact List Banner and Chat Window Banner.

As mentioned, since MultiMSN can only apply to the very specific version of instant messaging client that it supported, MultiMSN will check for version compatibility. If the messenger client is wrong version, “Version incompatible” will be shown on the window title bar. Some annoying though, the latest version of MultiMSN version 8.0.0812 has a pop-up message asking for donation.

Download MultiMSN

MultiMSN 8.0.0812
MultiMSN 8.0.0792
MultiMSN 8.0.0787
MultiMSN 8.0.0683
MultiMSN 7.5.0322
MultiMSN 7.5.0311

More download link for other version and older version of MultiMSN can be found here.

Update The third party program to enable multiple MSN Messnger login is kind of obsolete. Instead, use the MultipleInstances hack to turn of multiple instances WL Messenger support to login to many accounts.