Lazy to type “Cmd” or pressing any keyboard keys just to open the elevated administrator Command Prompt window with full administrator credentials and privileges mode? The following registry hack for Windows will allow you to open an elevated command window by simply right click on Computer (formerly known as My Computer in Windows XP) icon at Start Menu or Desktop, and select Run Command Prompt as Administrator from the contextual menu.

To add and place a new menu item to right click context menu for Computer so that whenever you right click on the icon, a contextual menu item of Run Command Prompt as Administrator will be shown, and then you can straight away click on the entry to immediately open the elevated command prompt, copy and paste the following code to a text editor such as Notepad, and save it to a file with filename with .reg extension. Double click on the file or right click on registry file and then choose “Merge”.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Run Command Prompt as Administrator"


You can also download the following registry registration file in zip package if you don’t like to create the file yourself. Simply extract the elevated-command-prompt.reg file from the archive.


Click “Continue” on the the User Account Control (UAC) Registry Editor elevation permission dialog prompt, and click “Yes” on Registry Editor prompt to confirm applying the values to the registry.

Open Command Prompt as Administrator

From now on, bring up Start Menu and right click on Computer, and then select “Run Command Prompt as Administrator” to open elevated command window. For easier access, you can show the Computer shortcut on Desktop by clicking on “Show on Desktop” on right click menu. You can also drag and drop the Computer shortcut to Quick Launch area.