MP3tunes is a music service provider (MSP) launched by Michael Robertson, the founder of the, one of the first online services to offer music downloads in the late 1990s. MP3tunes provides individuals a personal music locker with unlimited storage online, protecting the digital music collection from loss, and making it possible to access one’s music collection from any device.

MP3tunes Oboe Locker

MP3tunes Locker allows Premium users upload and backup all digital music collection that they have, including playlists, to ensure that your favorite mp3, audio and music been protected from viruses, theft, hardware failure or whatever mishaps that may happen. Premium users will have unlimited online storage space for music files, although each files cannot be bigger than 20 MB.

To upload a music to MP3tune Locker, you can sync your Locker’s collection with your PC’s collection. The backup feature only available to Premium Lockers, free (Basic) Lockers can use webloading or sideloading to add tracks into the Lockers. Webloading enables you load any online music from other sites directly into your MP3tune Locker by just inserting the URL of the song. While sideloading is provided by MP3tunes’ Sideload Partners where you can find free mp3 and load them directly to your Locker.

To use MP3tunes service, MP3tunes Oboe Software Suite needs to be installed. With the software, the music collection in MP3tunes Locker can then be synchonized with your music collection in your computers, portable players and devices. Beside, music collection and playlists can be played at anywhere that you have an Internet access, in iTunes by using MP3tunes’ Oboe plug-in or using Oboe’s built-in player. Basic Lockers will stream at medium quality bit-rate (56k), while Premium Lockers at high quality bit-rate (192k).

Currently, only mp3, mp4, m4a, m4p, aac, wma, ogg, aif, aiff and midi audio files are supported by MP3tunes. Copy protected music and songs with DRM will remain restricted.

Tech Wire has tried and reviewed the MP3tunes service, and it concluded that as someone sometimes disappointed with music selections at parties, I like the prospect of virtually taking my entire catalog of music across town or across the country.

And knowing my personal trove of music is safely backed up in cyberspace, sparing me the unsettling prospect of having to rip scores of CDs back into my PC should it fail, makes using the Oboe Locker a no-brainer.

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MP3tunes (service no longer available)