Samsung R65 dual core notebook features Intel Core Duo processor, 15″ SuperClear Super Bright High Definition Gloss LCD display with Digital Natural Image Enhancement (DNIe), Nvidia GeForce Go 7000 graphic card, Gigabit LAN, enhanced 802.11a.b.g wireless, Bluetooth 2.0, Multi Memory Card slot for MS PRo, MS, SD, MMC, XD & High Speed MMC, Battery Indicator, various I/O ports and Samsung AVS Now.

Samsung R65

ComputerAct!ve reviews Samsung R65 laptop and concludes with rating of 3 out of possible 5 that this is a capable general-purpose notebook but it’s not going to be suitable for people who want to play games on it. For the more outdoors-minded among us, however, it’s a good solid performer and it has good credentials for use by people on the move. Good points are several built-in networking options, solid build quality and dual-core processor, while bad points are not much bang for your buck and poor graphics performance.

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