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Samsung SCH-A990 camera phone (or phone camera, depends on which feature you value – phone or camera) is Samsung’s flagship CDMA feature phone for 2006. Samsung SCH-A990 cellphone features 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera with flash, zoom and a host of automatic and manual camera functions, camcorder for video capture of up to 1 hour, twisting QVGA display, TV Out option, EVDO high-speed data, and a microSD memory card slot. Other imaging functions include business card reader, PictBridge technology and Bluetooth wireless printing, while audio

Samsung SCH-A990

Newsfactor Magazine (dead link) reviews Samsung SCH-A990 mobile phone and concludes with rating of 4 out of 5 that for camera-phone aficionados with deep pockets, the SCH-A990 appears destined to quickly become the gadget of choice. However, those prone to fainting from sticker shock are forewarned that the real-world price of a fully functioning A990 falls just south of $500 when the “optional” $99 memory card and $30 USB cable are included.

MobileTechReview concludes that SCH-A990 is the best camera on a CDMA phone in the US, period. The camera takes excellent photos that can rival some of the best Nokia and Sony Ericsson high-end camera phones. The auto-focus, microSD expansion slot and variety of camera settings make for an excellent camera and turns the Samsung a990 into a convergence device. The Samsung performs well as a phone and has a strong set of features including Bluetooth, EVDO, PIM apps, messaging and multimedia players.

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