LapSchticks or LapSchtickers is laptop decals, laptop skins, laptop stickers and laptop covers from Schtickers, and together with PodSchtickers, the products allow users to customize and stylize laptops and iPods, and Simpletins, which make organizing easy. The Schticks are made of high quality vinyl with an amazing removable pressure sensitive adhesive, and it’s removable and reusable, and easy to apply on the notebook computer with lots of colors, styles and sizes.


NotebookReview ordered a LapSchticks from Schtickers and applied the Schticks on the laptop, and concluded that “adding a Schticker is a great way to improve or modify your notebook’s looks. They are available in a number of sizes, and at only $25, are hardly expensive. As far as value goes though, I think that $25 is a bit high for such a product. Under $20, perhaps around $15 would be a more reasonable price. In the end though, I am overall satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend Schtickers.”

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