RapidShare is a free and unlimited file hosting and file storage service that been used frequently to share big files such as music, mp3, video and software to other users in the world. With search technology of Google, we can search for uploaded and shared files in RapidShare.

To search for all RapidShare download links that been posted on the Internet, blogs and forums, use the following search string (including quote):


Alternatively, the following search term can be used to search for all URLs from rapidshare.de domain which, of course, includes all the download links (the search results will be lesser, as not all download URLs are been crawled and indexed):


You can refine the search by adding the keywords (file format or singer name or etc) that you want to search specifically. As the file name of the uploaded file in RapidShare is actually contained in the download links, so there’re several ways to search for just the file you want by narrowing down the search results.

To search for mp3 audio files only:

“rapidshare.de/files” mp3
site:rapidshare.de mp3
+inurl:mp3 site:rapidshare.de

Note: inurl will search for the URLs that contains the specified keywords only, while the other searches will search for the keywords beyond the URLs, as long as it fulfills the search criteria.

To search for files related to Jessica Simpson only:

“rapidshare.de/files” jessica simpson
site:rapidshare.de jessica simpson
+inurl:jessica|simpson site:rapidshare.de

To search for files related to Katty Perry only:

“rapidshare.de/files” katty perry
site:rapidshare.de katty perry
+inurl:katty perry site:rapidshare.de

To search for multiple file format, such as audio and music:

“rapidshare.de/files” mp3 OR wma OR ogg
site:rapidshare.de mp3 OR wma OR ogg
+inurl:mp3|wma|ogg site:rapidshare.de

Modify the above search string to search for the file type you want, such as avi, mpg, rm and wmv for video files or pdf, exe, doc, rar and zip for documents and software programs.

Note: Google will group together related and similar search results. Click on “repeat the search with the omitted results included” to expand the search results to get all RapidShare links.