Digital video has increasingly gaining popularity with the advance of technology, making video taking and capture an easy task. So do video search on the web, with increasing numbers of internet users searching for high quality, most popular video.


Indexing and crawling video media files has been a complicated and challenging task for search engines. Video, unlike conventional text web pages, seldom has any meaningful text and description associated with it. As a result, conventional video search engines are usually of little help, even with their most advanced web crawling technology, if you’re looking for a video to watch.

Here comes internet video search engine Truveo. Truveo, based in Burlingame, California, was co-founded by CEO Dr. Tim Tuttle and CTO Dr. Adam Beguelin in January 2004. The best video search engine on the web was subsequently launched in September 2005.

Truveo uses a proprietary web crawling technology called “Visual Crawling”, and this unique technology has enabled Truveo to gather one of the most comprehensive indexes of high-quality, current and up-to-date video on the web. The “Visual Crawling” techniques was born due to an insight: web video that remains invisible to standard crawlers can be easily identified by a casual web surfer, so a crawler that could identify the visual characteristics of a typical web application in the same way as a human, will be in better position to find and index all of the web video that other crawlers miss.

A strength of Truveo’s Visual Crawling is its ability to automatically discover video files and related information on complex, dynamic web pages. It continuously crawls the most popular video content sites on the web in real-time to provide most updated and relevant results that include breaking news, sports, and entertainment video. Thus, Truveo’s video search engine includes a large selection of popular and high demand video that cannot be found in any other search engine, and you will more likely to find video that you want with Truveo.

You can perform Basic Search with Truveo, or further define your search keywords with Advanced Search. Just want to watch video? Truveo provides video browsing functionality. You can select several buttons on the left side of the Search Bar to browse popular or recent videos. The leftmost button, called ‘Top Picks’, will display a list of the highest-ranked video across all of the videos in the Truveo index. So do the ‘News’, ‘Sports’, ‘Movies’ and ‘Entertainment’ buttons, which will display the highest-ranked videos in the Truveo index in that category. Typically, the videos that are most recent and most popular will typically be listed first.

Search video with Truveo.

Note: On 10 January 2006, Truvue announced that Truvue has been acquired by AOL. The Truvue technology will be integrated with AOL Video Search and Video Downloads.