You like to search by using Google search engine because it always returns the search results that you want. But now, what if you still get the search results that is the same with what Google will show you, and yet, you may just be lucky and win some prizes?

BlingoHere come Blingo, a ‘new’ search engine that utilizes Google API to return search results from Google, and offers searchers a chance to win a prizes, if you’re searching at the lucky random winning times. It works in such a way that once you win, i.e. hit the jackpot when searching at the right time, just tell Blingo your address so that the prize can be sent to you. There is no registration required. How you know you have won? You won’t see search results page after you search, instead, you will be shown to a Congratulations! page.

The prize given by Blingo includes Sony PlayStation Portable video game system, Apple iPod Nano 2GB digital music player, Toshiba or Samsung portable DVD player with 7″ screen, Apple iPod Shuffle 1GB digital music player, Visa Gift Card, iTunes Gift Certificate, Blingo Movie Ticket Certificate and etc, and the prizes change frequently, usually monthly. To date, more than 16,000 prizes had been given away.

To increase your chance of winning, Blingo also introduces Blingo Friends, where you can invites as many as your friends to join Blingo Friends. When any of your Blingo Friends referral win a prize, you will get the same prize too. However, whatever method you win, a maximum of 2 prizes each month is limited on each household.

Prizes aside, Blingo is a decent search engine too, with its search results powered by Google, the most powerful search engine to date. As with Google, you can search the web, images and news with Blingo. As with Google, you will also be presented with Sponsored Links related to your search other than the usual search results, and this explains why Blingo affords to giving out the prizes to encourage usage of Blingo. However, clicking on Sponsored Links won’t increase your chance of winning.

Blingo also provides Blingo Toolbar for Internet Explorer for surfers who like to search from any web pages. Mozilla Firefox users can add Blingo to Firefox Quick Search box too.

Blingo can be used worldwide, but to win a prize, you must reside in United States and at least 18 years old.

Search with Blingo (Blingo has been acquired by Publishers Clearing House and re-branded PCH Search and Win).