Ether, part of Ingenio, is a free service that allows you to earn money and turn your time into money by selling what you say – by giving advice, information, help, expertise, technical support or just by simply chatting. You can call it EBay for services.


What Ether does is Ether manages the scheduling, communication, financial transaction, billing and credit card payment between sellers and their customers. For this service, Ether charge 15% of the service fee, before transferring the earnings to service providers by direct deposit or by check.

To sell your service, register an account at Ether (currently in Invite-Only Beta, invitation access code is needed to register), get your free Ether toll free phone number which will redirect and forward the calls to your actual phone number, set the charging price for your service, schedule your available service time and you’re set to earn money when your phone rings.

Beside, it’s also possible to sell any digital content, such as reports, photographs, podcasts, videos, etc. via Ether, by email. Simply send an Ether Mail with the contents you’d like to sell and set the price you’re charging, and the customer will be able to see it only after they pay your rate. Else, you can also sell digital content using an Ether Buy Now Button that can be placed on website or blog. Once interested party click the button and pay your price, they will be able to see the contents.

Once you set up your Ether account, potential customers can search for your service profiles and you can promote your service by placing a Ether button on your website or blog. They can call for your service via Ether toll-free phone line plus seller’s unique extension, or simply press the Call button on your website or blog. Once your customer prepaid your rate, both parties will be connected.

Whether Ether can success remains to be seen. There are other similar services available too, although most of them now more focus on areas of astrology, horoscope, tarot, esoteric, clairvoyance, psychic, love, relationship, phone sex and porn, as other more expertise and technical area of the service such as financial, medical, legal, taxation and technical support simply won’t take up. The services include Keen, Vonity (service no longer available), and Germany-based Questico.

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Earn money by selling what you say at Ether.