Serif PhotoPlus 11 Studio Pack is a digital image editing software that competes with more famous brands and products such as Adobe Photoshop, Ulead PhotoImpact, Corel Paint Shop Pro X and etc. Serif PhotoPlus 11 Studio Pack includes PhotoPlus 11 and AlbumPlus 4 which used for image management, organization & retrieval. PhotoPlus 11 features one stop Quick Fix Studio, ability to fix and remove red-eye, change lighting effects or colour saturation, sharpen, crop or straighten images, apply Photographic Filter Effects such as Chromatic Aberration Remover, Lens Vignetting, Lens Filter, Lens Distortion and Depth of Field Blur. Other functions include Scratch Remover, automatically correct under and overexposed sections of photos especially in shadows, highlights and mildtones, resize images, macros and batch processing support.

vnunet (link dead) reviews Serif PhotoPlus 11 and concludes with overall rating of 4 out of 5 that there are plenty of useful extensions to the feature set in Photoplus 11 and it’s at least as easy to achieve what you want from images as with its main rivals. That being said, it should be on any shortlist when shopping for image-editing software or a photo-editor. Serif Photoplus 11 is a photo-editor for beginner and enthusiast alike, though the interface is sometimes a bit busy. Good for automated correction for lens effects, color replacer for quick color changes and quick and easy red-eye removal. However, tool uses aren’t always obvious.

Pocket-link concludes with overall score of 8 out of 10 that Serif PhotoPlus 11 is a great package with a great deal to recommend it to the first time user as well as the experienced photo-editor looking for a new challenge. True, it’s not the most powerful editing suite on the market but at £60, it’s a realistic compromise. The suite is very easy to use and powerful but it’s resource heavy.