If you think the plain user interface of Google Search or Windows Live Search (now Bing), or hate the “feature packed” Yahoo! homepage, then let the attractive, hot, sexy, beautiful, exotic, seductive and entertaining Ms. Dewey to help you search the web with altitude. Meet Ms. Dewey, a new and creative experimental search offering from Windows Live Search (indeed, as Ms. Dewey is by Microsoft) which features Flash-based animated interactive search engine by telling and asking Ms. Dewey what you want to search.

Ms. Dewey

Ms. Dewey looks set to be similar with Google search playground SearchMash, except with a more adult and mature theme. Just input your query into the text box after “Ms Dewey, Just Tell Me”, and press Enter or click Search button. Ms. Dewey will think for a while and tell you the answer you looking for, by displaying the search results in on a pop-up screen located to the right of Ms. Dewey. Top 3 search results are shown on screen, scroll with your mouse by positioning it at the top or bottom of the search results box to scroll the search results. Not very readable though.

Ms Dewey

But that’s not the interesting part of Ms. Dewey. Ms. Dewey, played by gorgeous American actress and musician Janina Gavankar, due to appear in The L Word Season Four, will pose poses provocatively from time to time. If you ignore her by not searching, she will knock at your monitor and shout “Hel-loooo? Type something here!”, pointing to the search box. She pretending to ignore us too when we disappoint her by not feeding her with some keywords so that she can “Keep asking questions. The more you ask, the more I know, and soon, I will rule the world!”, asks “Anyone there?”, playfully shoots a rubber band at the camera, sings, shows her feistiness when she yells, or when bored, reads a magazine and furiously flipping pages, or call and chat with somebody on the cell phone.

Exotic Ms Dewey
Another exotic move of Ms Dewey, leaning onto the screen towards you, letting you look down her slinky low cut v-neck black dress.

Ms Dewey Introduction
Don’t miss interesting introductory sequences of Ms Dewey too, features Ms Dewey flirting with astronaut, arguing with somebody, repairing bike, lecturing and etc.

Although Ms Dewey is just a search mascot or avatar for Windows Live Search, but do you ever guess how old is Ms Dewey? Try to search with “How old are you” or “What is your age”, and you’ll be surprise.

Ms Dewey Age

Beside, Ms Dewey also like to comment about what you try to search and query before presenting you with “what she thought” (search results), and Chicago Tribune (link dead) has listing of what remarks you expected to hear after some queries, as below.

Note: Search terms or search keywords in highlighted in italic

The meaning of life

“I’ve always wanted one of those. Oh, and to go through a midlife crisis too.”

Ms. Dewey’s real name

“You’re interested in art? I mean the real kind, not body paint.”


Holds a hand high and says, “To bling or not to bling. That is the question.”


“I’m ready for my close-up, mister … mister … line!”


“Shine on you crazy diamond!”


“People say it’s good luck when a bird craps on you. And that would be crap.”

Eva Longoria

“I don’t know what is sadder: these famous chicks and their shenanigans, or the fact that you actually care what they do. Anyway, this is about me, not her.”


“That’s interesting, in an anthropological kind of way. Would you care to rephrase the question?”


“It’s a girl’s best friend,” she says while referring to the hammer in her hand.


“I’ve checked out your MP3 collection. Let’s just say you have a lot to answer for. Either you tell your friends or I will.”


Brings out a random comic book and says, “Point of order: Reading the graphic novel does not a superhero make.”


“Sorry, I can’t talk about that. My hands are tied.” She then turns around to show you the hands tied behind her back.


“You know, it’s easy to make jokes about the president. So easy in fact that I’m going to pass on it.”


“Be prepared. That’s my motto,” she says while holding tied dynamite sticks with a timer.

“Safety first,” and pull out a motorcycle helmet and a roll of condoms.


“It’s not easy to find someone who will love you for you. And I do mean you specifically.”

Update: Ms Dewey is no longer available.