visKeeper is a password management and password keeping software for Pocket PC. It not only can securely stores passwords, but also banking information, addresses, credit card information, online accounts and etc. If you have visKeeper PC version, which is for Windows-based computer, the data encrypted can be synchronized between Windows Mobile device (Pocket PC) and computer.

the::unwired concluded that visKeeper in version 3 has become more powerful. Especially the memo field and the templates offer a lot of more functionality. Despite all of these new functions SFR has managed to keep the handling of visKeeper as simple as in the previous version. Important for me is the availability of a PC version. I prefer to enter larger amounts of data on the PC, even though I enjoy working with my Pocket PC.

Because a test version of visKeeper is available for download, you can test the program before buying it. If you like the product, just buy it and enter the registration code. A new installation is not needed. I suggest the professional version since it includes both PC and Pocket PC versions.

visKeeper is recommended for all those who are looking for a program to keep their data safe and simple.

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