Performancing Metrics (now known as pMetrics) is web statistics tracker from Performancing, which aims to help Bloggers success. The new site stats service is now in public beta, meaning everybody can using it to track your sites and blogs’ traffic. Performancing Metrics mainly focuses on blogs, although it can be used on normal websites too.

Other than some standard stats such as visitors stats, referrers, demography, and search engine tracking, as Performancing Metrics is mainly aimed to be used in blogging platform, so there are a few features that apply only to blog. Among them is statistics by post view, category and comments. Additionally, it’s able to track AdSense clicks and outbound exit links, the links that your readers used to leave your blog/site.

ProBlogger and Ahmed Bilal (link dead) have wrote comprehensive reviews on Performancing Metrics.

ProBlogger said he is impressed – especially considering that Performancing Metrics is in alpha! The basic feature set is great and will server bloggers well. The tools are quick to load and easy to navigate (once you get the hang of them). He think this is a system that many bloggers are looking for and am certain it will be very popular.

While Ahmed Bilal said stats reporting made him flip out when he first saw the details and features they’ve put in. Fair to say that this is one of those things that you guys should wait for, as it’s really, really good. He wasn’t expecting too much in the beta (considering that this is a free app) but from what he’ve seen so far this beats BlogBeat and StatCounter hands down. The scary bit is that PM will improve even more.