Skinit offers fun and personalized printed adhesive vinyl skins that you can use to dress and cover your mobile phone, laptop, mp3 player, Pocket PC, Palm PDA, gaming devices and many other electronic gadgets. The personalized skin that printed with your favorite design will make your gadget stands-out and offer some protection against scratch and damage.

Geekzone reviewed SkitIt adhesive vinyl skins that been offered through Telecom New Zealand, and applied the skin on Apache Pocket PC. Geekzone concluded that “after having this applied to my Pocket PC I actually wouldn’t mind using the same material on my tablet PC (which is in the list on the American website). I also see no reason why Telecom couldn’t expand this service and offer skins for some of the non-Telecom models.

The vinyl does not interfere with the normal operation of my Pocket PC. All holes are in the right place and it does not prevent me sliding the keyboard out.

All in all a pleasant experience and a good end result.”

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