Sonific music service provides “soundtracks for your digital life” by offering SongSpots, a free streaming music players widget that stream the song, audio and music of your own choice to almost any editable web-page with , such as blogs, social network profiles, photo-sharing sites, or personal and even commercial corporate homepages, by embedding the SongSpots web widget flash player on the webpage. Sonific collection of music and songs are mostly tracks from independent musicians and artists, which are all legally licensed for streaming use. However, Sonific is working to add more major name artists catalog from record labels into its song library.


To embed and put Sonific SongSpots customizable flash player object on your page, users need to register and sign up for Sonific (no longer available). Then, users can log in to Sonific to search, listen, preview the song or music available from Sonific music library. Select a song you like by clicking on ‘Use’. All selected songs can be viewed at My SongSpots. Then, describe and configure the SongSpot and click on ‘Activate’. Your SongSpot is now ready to be used, and what users need to do now is to generate and copy the SongSpot player code and then add or paste the code to your website or web page. Depending on your desired target site, there are a lot of methods or workarounds or suitable input field to put SongSpot code and get SongSpot working on the sites, such as the ‘new post’ box on your blog, the ‘description’ field on your photo site, the ‘about me’ space on your social network profile, the HTML editor on your website wizard, and so on. Sonific has provided a list of supported sites (no longer available) with the instructions and guides on how to deploy the code, which will be displayed also when you generate the code.

Currently, Sonific SongSpots is supported and tested on Blogger, eBay, Facebook, Flickr, Friendster, Hi5, MovableType, Multiply, MySpace, NetVibes, Piczo, Terapad, TypePad, Xanga and WordPress. Other sites such as BeBo, ClassMates, Cyworld, DotPhoto, Faces, Fotki, Fotolog, LiveJournal, LunarStorm,, Multiply, MSN Spaces, MyYearbook, Ofoto, Orkut, PictureTrail, Shutterfly and SnapFish should be able to use SongSpots too, but haven’t been tested. And Sonific has provided several different ways to embed the code, i.e. r by using Object & Embed, JavaScript Object & Embed, Object only, Embed only, JavaScript Link, Link only, or URL. So if you are facing problem with one, you can try out the alternatives.

Once you embed and put the SongSpots code on your web page, it will display as below.

Sonific SongSpots

Users can set the SongSpots to start playback automatically. The visitor can start/stop the playback, change the volume and find out more about the artist.