Sonos Digital Music System is a is a modular set of digital appliances that replaces a home stereo system by allowing music lovers to play the digital music from PC, online music services or Internet radio to all over the house via encrypted and optimized for streaming audio wireless network plus amplified ZonePlayer which itself is a small yet high-fidelity computer and a wireless network hub with limited control interface. ZonePlayers replace the place of a traditional component stereo amplifier. The appliances work together to form a zoned hi-fi in which different zones may play the same or different sounds, with ability to control those players from a wireless remote Sonos CR100 controller that can be used anywhere. The Sonos Digital Music System now has two modals, ZP100 Zone Player which includes a power amplifier and ZP80 ZonePlayer which comes with just line-out connection.

Sonos ZP80 and ZP100

Stereophile set up and reviews Sonos Wi-Fi music system from ZP80 Bundle which comprises of two ZP80s, a CR100 with charging cradle and a ZP100 ZonePlayer, and concludes that “I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Sonos Zone Players. While I feel the optimal way of integrating the ZP80 into a cost-no-object high-end system is to use its digital output to feed an outboard D/A processor, the sound of its analog outputs was acceptably good overall, taking into consideration the very affordable price. The ZP100, too, offers excellent value for money, and is a no-brainer purchase for setting up a distributed-audio system in a room that doesn’t already have a sound system. I also love that CR100 handheld controller. Not only are its ergonomics superb; the sheer convenience of being able to browse my music collection from wherever I am in the house, and to control music for any system in the network regardless of what room I happen to be in, are boons. I should also give a shout-out to Sonos’ superb user manual, and the support information on the Sonos website.”

Playlist (dead link) reviews Sonos ZonePlayer 80 (ZP80) and concludes with rating of 5 out of 5 that this is still the most complete and easy-to-use multi-room audio system I’ve seen. And if you’ve already got a home stereo or powered speaker system (or two), the introduction of the ZP80—a nearly perfect complement to the original ZP100—makes it even easier, and cheaper, to add new zones to your Sonos system.