Sony VAIO VGN-TX770 is a ultra-portable laptop from Sony VAIO TX series which features Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, 11.1″ widescreen LCD display with XBRITE technology, integrate Wi-Fi, Wireless WAN and Bluetooth, and weighs just an ultra-light 2.76 pounds with up to 7.5 hours of battery life. Best of all, Sony VAIO VGN-TX770 runs on Microsoft Windows XP Profession, but it’s certified to be Windows Vista capable. As with other TX series laptop, TX770P/B has AV mode button that enables Instant Mode available in 12 seconds without any booting process so that user able to watch pictures or movies and listen to music without booting Windows.


NotebookReview reviewed Sony VAIO VGN-TX770 notebook computer and concluded that “I really enjoyed using the Sony TX 770. We are starting to see more and more options in the ultra portable category, and this model is right up there. The wireless capabilities make this a perfect travel companion for those that are constantly on the move and need to have frequent internet access. Sony adds a bit of fun by allowing for instant on music and DVD use. Unfortunately, the laptop is expensive. I hope future models will incorporate a fanless design because the fan noise is constant and can be annoying. A faster hard drive would be nice as well. Overall, the Sony TX770 is a solid business-class ultra portable notebook.”

Note: Sony VAIO VGN-TX770P/B, VGN-TX770P/T and VGN-TX770P/W notebooks are different in color.

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