Spam Cube is a digital device 4-inch in size that has built in Artificial Intelligence engine that filters and stops spam emails. Best of all, Spam Cube is subscription-fee free as anti-spam technology is educated by a remote hybrid expert system and learn from how users categorize an email as spam or not. Spam Cube can works with almost all email services, and after installed, can protect up to four computers in the network, and thus providing greater network security.

Spam Cube

Beside, Spam Cube users can subscribe to Security OnDemand service that protects computers from email viruses and worms, fraudulent emails and phishing attacks. It utilizes anti-virus scanners from McAfee and Norton Anti-Virus to scan the emails in your mailbox. Once Spam Cube found any email infected with viruses, worms, or possible fraudulent or phishing email for identity theft, it will flag the email so that you can delete it before become a victim.

PCWorld (link dead) ran Spam Cube on a computer and concluded preliminary that “overall, I think Spam Cube does a good job at stopping spam and is great for those with more than one PC in the home or office that they want to protect. For parents who double as the family’s computer support techie, Spam Cube offers a simple, hassle-free approach to protecting inboxes. It stands out from other competing network security appliances in that it offers a one-time investment when it comes to fighting spam.”

IHT (link dead) also reviews Spam Cube and concluded that “right out of the box, it’s lethal to spam. In three days, 354 pieces of spam flowed into my e-mail accounts, and the Spam Cube correctly identified 353 of them as spam. Unfortunately, it also flagged 43 legitimate messages as spam or phishing messages.

The Spam Cube is a great idea – corporations have been able to buy anti-spam hardware devices for years, so why not consumers? – but it may have been plucked from the vine before it was fully ripe.”

Stop email spam, viruses, worms and phishing attack with Spam Cube (service no longer available).