Spb Backup, as its name said, is a backup and restore software for Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 (WM2003) or Windows Mobile 5.0 (WM5.0) device. Spb Backup creates reserve copies of data on your Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) in a self-extracting executable, which can be executed in order to start the restore process. The backup data can be encrypted and compressed, and the backup process can be scheduled.

Spb Backup

MTekk installed Spb Backup in Windows Mobile 5.0 based device O2 Xda Atom and tested Spb Backup functionality. It gave Spb Backup a highly 9.0 out of 10.0 for usage in WM2005 devices, and concluded that “Spb Backup is an excellent backup and restore utility for any WM5.0 device, and is on the top of my recommended software list. In my opinion, Spb Backup deserves a higher score than Sprite Backup because of the added Today Screen plug-in, self extracting backup file, options to restore all or part of the data and no noticeable issues with the backup / restore process or with ActiveSync.

This is Spb Software’s first release of a backup utility, and I must say to Spb Software – Job well done!”

Beside, MTekk also installed Spb Backup in WM2003 and WM2003SE devices, and gave a rating 8.5 out of 10 for Spb Backup in WM2K3 and WM2003 SE devices. They concluded that “so there you have it, all in all I consider Spb Backup to be a very good product and an excellent first version. Sure, there are a few aspects of the interface and functionality which I believe could do with a rethink and there are also a few functions which need adding but I still like this product very much.”

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