After installing Spb Finance Money Edition in memory card of Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.0 device, Microsoft ActiveSync may not be able to synchronize between computer and PDA, giving just the error “Synchronization Error”, even though the connection has been established and connected.

When the Synchronization Error occurs, the synchronization process will stops so no data will be transferred between desktop PC and PocketPC or Palm devices. Even soft-reset or hard-reset will not solve the problem, and there is no resolve conflict items option appears. If Spb Finance Money Edition is unselected from Microsoft ActiveSync or uninstall, then then synchronization will be done successfully again.

The possible cause to the problem is caused by installing Spb Finance Money edition in expandable external flash card instead of internal device memory. The resolution is to install on main storage and program memory instead of on a memory card. In you want to save memory space, within Spb Finance, there is an option that let you choose which location you want to store the data file which can be changed to storage card.

Windows XP and 2003 also has built-in firewall that may block the ActiveSync synchronization. If the synchronization error still occur, disable the Windows firewall and any third-party firewall to check if ActiveSync has been blocked. If so, add Microsoft ActiveSync to the white list of firewall.

Beside, bear in mind that current version of Spb Finance Money Edition does not support synchronization of memorized transactions, scheduled transactions and some other special objects like investment accounts, which may caused the error or unresolved items when synchronization too.