Video Call Button Not Appearing in Eten Glofiish X800

Eten Glofiish X800 is a Windows Mobile Pocket PC smartphone that supports high speed 3.5G (HSDPA/UMTS) connectivity that allows video calls. Thus, in the Phone pad display, there should be a video call button beside the dialpad [...]

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Verizon UTStarcom XV6800 (HTC Titan) CDMA Phone Reviews

Verizon Wireless UTStarcom XV6800 is a Windows Mobile CDMA PDA phone for VZW that based on the popular HTC Titan platform. The XV6800 Pocket PC (PPC) cellphone runs on Windows Mobile 5 (WM5) Pocket PC AKU3 operating [...]

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Wicked Lasers Executive Nexus Green 95 mW Laser Pointer Review

I received a green laser, which more common known as laser pointer from Wicked Lasers about 2 months ago. Due to tight schedule and traveling, the review about the Nexus laser, the model name of the green [...]

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ASUS P526 Mercedes-Benz Limited Edition Windows Mobile Smartphone

For the rich and famous, electronic gadgets cannot be just a common gadgets owned by everybody else, just like owning a Mercedes-Benz car will certainly show your status. So here come premium gadget PDA Smartphone from ASUS, [...]

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Reinstall or Restore U3 LaunchPad Software into USB Flash Smart Drive

Accidentally remove and delete U3 LaunchPad that is preinstalled on your U3 smart drive? Or have decided to uninstall U3 Launchpad software from the USB flash drive but now want to restore and install the U3 Launchpad? [...]

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Top 10 Consumer Electronic Gadgets that Going to be Mass Popular

You may already eagerly anticipate the launch or release to retail market for one or more of these consumer electronic gadgets, or even own one or a lot of them in your digital household. However, if you [...]

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Enable CMSS of Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-Bit External in Vista x86 and X64

Creative MultiSpeaker Surround (CMSS) is a feature in Sound Blaster audio cards as part of EAX technology which allows stereo upmix from various sources such as MP3, WMA, or Wav to become 4.1, 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 [...]

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Swatch Infinity Watch with MP3 Player, Video Recorder and Photo Viewer

Swatch Infinity will surely make gadget lovers stand up. Infinity is a bracelet style digital wristwatch that is not just a watch. Swatch Infinity is also a portable MP3 media player (PMP), digital audio player (DAP), video [...]

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