Eye-Theatre Personal Multimedia Viewer Glass Reviews

Eye-Theater Personal Multimedia Viewer is a glass product from PDT that acts as a head-mounted multimedia and video viewer that promises to deliver an "immersive audiovisual environment". Eye-Theater users wear the glasses display into their eyes and [...]

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Sondigo Sirocco Wireless Audio Bridge Reviews

Sirocco Wireless Audio Bridge from Sondigo is a wireless sound card that allows users to stream any audio, songs, music (MP3 included) from PC or notebook, to anywhere in the house wirelessly. Sirocco Wireless Audio Bridge features [...]

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Kingston K-PEX 100 Portable Media Player Reviews

Kingston K-PEX 100 is a flash-based portable media players from Kingston’s Portable Entertainment eXperience (K-PEX) line of digital entertainment products. K-PEX 100 features 1-GB or 2-GB built-in storage plus an extra miniSD memory card storage slot, 2" [...]

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Microsoft Zune Player Price at $249.99 to Release in November with Zune Marketplace Store

Microsoft will release the much anticipated Zune portable multi-media player on 14th November 2006 in US market at the price of $249.99. Zune is a brand from Microsoft that incorporates a line of portable media players, software [...]

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Sonos Digital Music System and WiFi ZonePlayer ZP80 / ZP100 Reviews

Sonos Digital Music System is a is a modular set of digital appliances that replaces a home stereo system by allowing music lovers to play the digital music from PC, online music services or Internet radio to [...]

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Parrot Sound System Wireless Speakers Reviews

Parrot Sound System is a Bluetooth wireless Hi-Fi digital speakers system. With Parrot Sound System, music from MP3 player, mobile phone, PC, PDA or any other Bluetooth devices can be streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth to Parrot speakers, [...]

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