Webmin Failed to Open SSL Key at miniserv.pl When Starting Service

When starting webmin service with "/etc/webmin/start" command, the following error occurred and Webmin and its modules, Virtualmin, Usermin [...]

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How to Blur or Change & Set Custom Background in Skype Meeting Video Calls

Skype has introduced the ability to change background or to blur the background during video calls, conference calls [...]

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Skype for Business Chat Window Zooms In & Cut Off to Invisible at Sides

When using Skype for Business (SfB or S4B) app (as part of Office 365), the Skype chat window [...]

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WordPress Indicates Pending Theme or Plugin Updates Available But No Updates Shown (All Up To Date)

Occasionally, WordPress Updates will indicate that there are one or more pending updates available for plugins or themes [...]

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Happy Feet, The Martian & The Fate of the Furious Free Full Streaming on Movies Anywhere

It's just several months Movies Anywhere was giving away free full movie of X-Men: Days of Future Past [...]

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Web Pages in Redirect Loop Infinitely After Enabling CloudFlare SSL HTTPS Connection

If you're using CloudFlare CDN as the DNS and HTTP proxy, the following redirection error (the exact error [...]

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