Google AdSense Yellow Background Box (Change to White / Transparent / Blank)

On web pages that are added with Google AdSense ad codes, the background color of the ads appears as yellow (or another other color), instead of white or transparent (which will show the color of web page [...]

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How to Insert & Show Ads (Google AdSense) in Jetpack Mobile Theme of WordPress

Mobile Theme of Jetpack plugin for WordPress provides an instant and easy way to enable an optimized mobile site for self-hosted WordPress blog or website. When Jetpack Mobile Theme detects a visitor is using a smartphone or [...]

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Google AdSense and AdWords Statistics Not Updating and Delay Again

Almost a month since the last occurrence of reports and statistics for Google AdSense and AdWords been delay and slow in updating, causing publishers and webmasters to falsely assume that Google is under-reporting the revenue earned or [...]

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How to Disable Behavioral Targeting for Chitika Ads

Chitika has implemented behavioral targeting technology on its ads unit that intends to boost and improve CTR and eCPM, both yardstick that important to increase ads revenue. However, probably not all publishers can have the same positive [...]

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Add and Insert to Put Google AdSense Ads Units Between Blog Posts in

While browsing the Internet, you are likely to come across Google AdSense ad unit in medium rectangle ad format located in between first and second blog posts., a popular blogging platform, now has the ability to [...]

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google_ad_host Host ID in Google AdSense Ad Unit Code and Revenue Sharing

If you're using (or blogging service, and use the new template system to add a Google AdSense page element block gadget to your blog, you will notice that there is additional line in the ad [...]

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Add Custom Channels into Blogger AdSense Page Element Widget / Gadget allows authors and webmasters to easily add Google AdSense ad units to Blogger blog content pages to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads by using AdSense page element (commonly known as widge) in Blogger template. This [...]

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Chitika | iBought Product Sharing Application for Facebook Profile

Chitika, a leading "blog dollars" blogger-driven merchandising and shopping network company which pioneers the impulse marketing using eMiniMalls contextual advertising ads unit, has released Chitika | iBought widget for Facebook social network site. Chitika | iBought is [...]

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