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Automatically Pop Out & Expand Zopim Live Chat Window

If you're implementing Zopim live chat software on your website to engage the visitors to improve the sales conversion, increase return of marketing campaign, or simply provide live support, you may want to automatically pop-up the live [...]

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Sync and Backup Office Documents and Spreadsheets to Google Docs with DocSyncer

Google Docs is a free Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation application service by Google, and Google Docs allows to create, upload, save and store documents online, other than the usual functions such as editing, organizing, printing, [...]

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Delay Sending of Email Message in Outlook (Supports Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, SMTP Mail)

Occasionally you may need to delay or postpone delivery or sending or an email message. Normally, when you click on "Send" button, the email will be sent immediately, no matter you're using desktop email clients such as [...]

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Google Apps Premier Edition (Google Office) Reviews

Google Apps is a powerful web based Internet communication, productivity and collaboration tools which includes word processing, spreadsheet, calendaring, email and instant messaging capabilities. Google Apps has been available for free to the public since August 2006 [...]

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Microsoft Office Live with Free Domain and Hosting Reviews and Comparisons

Microsoft Office Live is a domain registrar and web hosting service for small business that looking to establish an online presence or set up website. Office Live allows the company to register any available domain name, create [...]

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Retrieve and Get Voicemail via Email and Automatically Save Voice-mails with GotVoice

GotVoice is a free voicemail management service that allows users to retrieve and get their voice messages from existing home and mobile phones over the Internet. Additionaly, GotVoice can delivers the voicemails directly to their email inbox [...]

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Free Gmail Account with Voicemail and Streaming MP3 Audio Player

Gmail or Google Mail as it's know in UK and Germany, is a free webmail and POP3 email service from Google and currently available thru invitation, SMS registration or Blogger. Open free registration without the need of [...]

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Google Writely Online Word Processor Opens for Registration

Writely, an online web-based word processor application which recently acquired by Google in March 2006, is now been re-opened to the public Internet users to register and sign up for a new account without the need of [...]

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RSS Spam Filter and Info-Overload Tool FeedRinse Review by SignOnSanDiego

Feed Rinse is a online service that automatically filters the subscribed RSS feeds and syndicated contents from unwanted contents, spam or items that you not interested in. Just add and import the feed's URL or OPML file [...]

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