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Free Enterprise/Business Email Hosting on Custom Domain – G Suite (Google Apps) & Office 365 Alternative

G Suite (previously and more famously known as Google Apps) and Office 365 (previously known as Windows Live Custom Domains and Windows Live Admin Center) are two of the most popular hosted cloud office productivity, email hosting, [...]

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How to Get & List All Current DNS Records for a Domain & Child Subdomain

If you need to move the DNS hosting of a domain to a new DNS hosting service provider, but don't have a copy of the DNS zone file or access to current DNS control panel for the [...]

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Update CloudFlare as Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

Due to the nature of CloudFlare's services, CloudFlare has emerged as one of the best, reliable, robust yet free DNS hosting service provider. Many webmasters have used the DNS hosting service of CloudFlare without utilizing it as [...]

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Install DDclient Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Update Client in CentOS

DDclient is a Perl-based DDNS client used to update dynamic DNS records for domains. DDClient, most commonly used in Linux, Unix and FreeBSD, has the same function with DNS-O-Matic in Windows platform. DDClient supports multiple DDNS services [...]

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cPanel Update (upcp) Is Already Running Problem

cPanel web hosting control panel has upcp update script that automatically updates cPanel software. upcp script is scheduled to run once a day as a cron job, and once the update task is completed, cron will automatically [...]

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Free DNS (Name Server) Hosting Services

Not all domain names registras provides DNS hosting service to the domains purchasers. Normally, to earn extra income revenue, domain name registrars will require domain name registrants to buy additional service for DNS hosting service, or the [...]

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How to Check, Test and Validate SPF Record in DNS is Correct and Valid

SPF record in the domain DNS tree level is the new tool to combat email spam that trying to forge or spoof sender SMTP MAIL FROM and Return-Path from your domain zone. However, incorrect or misconfiguration of [...]

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Domain Does Not Have Any NS Records Error

When analyzing and checking the DNS hosting records for a registered domain using or for comprehensive information from 56 tests about the particular domain to verify whether the authoritative DNS nameserver or resolver has been [...]

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Propagate and Refresh DNS Cache Faster

When moving web host to another hosting service's server or changing the server's IP address, one of the important consideration to ensure to continue availability of the websites hosted on the server, minimize the downtime of the [...]

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