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Fix Hotspot Shield Bandwidth Exceeded, TCP Connect Wait, Auth Failure or Daemon Start Error

Hotspot Shield is essentially a free private secure VPN tunnel service that routes through a US server with [...]

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Hotspot Shield (AnchorFree) – Free Secure and Private VPN for Public WiFi

Addicted to logging to free public WiFi wireless hotspots? Nowadays plenty of places, such Starbucks Coffee, McDonald's, Coffee [...]

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Force YouTube to Automatically Play Videos in Higher Quality HD Resolution by Default

YouTube has started to deliver uploaded and shared video clips in higher quality high definition (HD) resolution and [...]

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Fix Your Browser’s Cache is Full and May Interfere with Your Gmail Experience Error

Occasionally when logging into Gmail web mail interface, the following error message in bold red color may display [...]

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How to Blacklist or Block Email Addresses or Senders or Domain in Gmail

Gmail, unlike other webmail services, does not have Blocked Senders or Blocked Email Addresses blacklist option has only [...]

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